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This is the complete history of one of the oldest Spanish parties Ciudadanos y Democracia.


1 The first months of the 18th party

The party was founded by Aliatar, the first president of Spain, making it the country's oldest party. It was first named Partido Socialista Demócrata Español (PSDE - Spanish Socialist Democrat Party) and later AlianzaS (Socialist Alliance), and ruled for four consecutive months with relative majorities.

When the Socialist Alliance broke up in April 2008 because the leaders left to create the Proyecto Fénix (Phoenix Project), the few that remained renamed the party as Democracia y Libertad (Democracy and Freedom), which merged and recollected the majority of the members of the Unión de Ciudadanos de Centro (Centre Citizens Union) called then Ciudadan@s (Citizens), which were in crisis since the disappearance of their historic leader Fredy and the transfer of militants to the PF.

An old CyD logo

2 Merge of Ciudadan@s and Partido Democracia: CyD is born

Both parties merged with Eisenhorn as the Party president, giving rise to Ciudadan@s y Democracia (Citizens and Democracy), that entered in its modern phase. Shortly after Think Tank scandal happened, CyD distanced itself from it, and this move was rewarded by the arrival of many militants opposed to the conspiracy carried out their parties, and with a consequent growth of their bases.

3 CyD and the Third Way

CyD coalition logo for General Elections, August 2008

The next month, the president of CyD, Koldo Berlanga, created the Tercera Vía (Third way), a coalition of parties opposed to both methods of the Partido Media Vida (Half Life Party) as the forces that had supported the Think Tank and its controversial decisions. During this month, the pact’s profile of the movement was more pronounced, having practically sealed agreements with all the forces, including a pact with PMV that reported an ample victory in the local elections of May.

In the general elections, the Tercera Vía won a big electoral success, reaching the second position, only beaten by the then unreachable PMV. However, Koldo Berlanga couldn’t repeat presidency, which would discourage a large part of the party leadership, that would leave the party, including Koldo, reaching a crisis of leadership that caused bad results during June.

After the internal party elections in July, Nesan reached the presidency of the party and based on internal work, advances in internal democracy, work in the Congress and tasks division, giving image of a party close to the problems of citizens, he and his team managed to make of CyD an emerging force, which gained positions election after election throughout these months.

In the Augusts’ general elections, the Tercera Vía (formed then by UPL, PON and PS) outperformed the leftist agreement between BO and IDE, though not the PMV, in an election that many qualified as fraudulent.

4 CyD in the last “Beta Version” times

In September, CyD joined the Iniciativa para la Regeneración Política (Political Regeneration Initiative), and, after the disastrous management of PMV in August on issues like the Iberian American War, won the elections, with CyD as second force in the Congress, participating in the government during this mandate.

A prize gived by CyD to the party best economist

This caused a rupture with traditional allies of the movement such as the UPL and PON, which did not agree on the pact with far left forces or anti-PMV coalitions, and who supported PMV, but approached the party to other parties with whom it been historically not linked since its formation, as PF.

In the local elections of September, CyD got a great victory, doubling the votes of the next party, won four municipalities, eight taking into account the pacts with the Tercera Vía group, and few days later became the principal political force in numbers of militants.

In the October general elections, CyD got the leadership of the Congress, and Nesans’ lonely candidacy for president, despite not being able to overcome the coalition of right-wing parties led by PMV, bet by 9 points what was left from the former Iniciativa para la Regeneración Política, confirming thus the strength of the party.

5 CyD under Hans Kelsen and Eisenhorn: Latest 2008

From October 10, the chairman of CyD is Hans kelsen. Under his presidency, the party signed a strange coalition with Bloque Obrero, Partido Otaku Nippon and Partido ForoCoches. But the coalition lost with the Partido Media Vida, in another suspicious election. In the first congress election of Version 1 of eRepublik, due to new electoral system and bad coordination (and PMV tricks also), CyD only won 4 congress seats. So Hans Kelsen resigned and the chairman was Nesan again. In next internal elections the new chairman was Eisenhorn, who defeat Gen and Papalopoudus

CyD chose his mascot in December of 2008

Eisenhorn presidency was determinated by the “Imperium” trollish government managed by PMV: tuput and PruDeN in Spain, and all democratic parties aligned in the Plataforma para la Restauración Democrática (PRDE). So relations between CyD and PRDE parties became good. The PRDE reach the government, but Cyberber chaotic Presidency of Spain overthrow his government in few weeks. In internal elections PMV members try to manage CyD with a multiple-account called Vinuesa, who win the elections, but was banned 3 days later. So admin restore the party to Nesan. Vinuesa became so famous because was the first evidence of PMV multiple accounts.

6 December 2008. Hard times

Nesan had to deal with the bad image of (PRDE) parties after his fail government. In general elections, all the PRDE parties were divided, but CyD presented Alvoske as candidate, being supported by IDE and PON. The mistake of PF presenting candidate help NEL candidate (PMV successor) to reach Spanish presidency.

CyD prizes logo

With the new year Alvoske became CyD chairman. But when he only was few days in the position, the GOLD Bug Scandal explode in Spain and Alvoske was banned, as many other Spanish citizens. Despite his ban was taken away only few days later, he could not recover CyD presidency, so sugarat (who was already was not active player) became chairman. During that month, relations between CyD, IDE and PF were really good and they thought in merge his parties to fight again NEL multiple accounts. CyD has a renovation internal congress because as consequence of GOLD Bug Scandale, the activity in the party and in Spain decreased a lot.

7 CyD in the government and CyD majorities

Alvoske was the candidate again to Spanish Presidency, in coalition with Partido Otaku Nippon. Despite Anonimux win the elections with the amazing quantity of 800 votes, admin discovered the NEL multiple account system, banned Anonimux and the multiple accounts, and give Spanish Presidency to Alvoske. So CyD and PON reached the government. Ezodervi became the new CyD chairman. This month was sweet to CyD party. Internal activity went up, and in congress elections they won 13 congress seats.

CyD a bridge to understanding between Spanish

Evighet became CyD candidate to Spanish Presidency on February 2008 and he win the elections with a comfortable majority, again supported by Partido Otaku Nippon. The government was not so much polemic. Under his presidency, Algarve was conquered and there was more activity in the country than past months. Deve was elected as CyD president in March and April, 2009. In congress elections CyD reach the record of 15 congressmen and with his allies reach an absolute majority. In April general elections, CyD decided to go to the elections in a solitary candidacy, and it could not get the government because they lost for 5 votes by right-wing coalition supporting the PON candidate Fredy. Despite CyD was no supporting the government, 3 Ministers were from CyD party and due to his majority, CyD movements were very relevant in the government. In April 25th CyD reach a new record: 16 congressman and new absolute majority.

Election Results

  • Presidential/General Elections
Month Results
May 2008 CyD, recently created, obtained 3 seats. The PMV, the absolute majority.
June 2008 Tercera Vía ( supported by PS, UPL and 5 little parties) got 9 seats, 7 for CyD. Kartalon won the presidency, but Koldo Berlanga obtain only 21 votes less than him.
July 2008 Tercera Vía (only supported by PS) got 6 seats, 5 for CyD
August 2008 Tercera Vía reaches 25% of the votes and got 10 seats (6 for CyD, 2 for UPL, 1 for PS and 1 for PON)
September 2008 The IRP is got the victory, CyDs’ lists got 9 deputies (7 for CyD, 1 for PS and 1 for PF)
October 2008 CyD won 24% of the votes and got 9 seats in the congress, becoming the strongest congress force.
November 2008 hans kelsen lost in the election with PruDeN, and as a consequence, left CyD presidency to Nesan.
December 2008 CyD suppoted the winning candidate, Cyberber from BO, in PRDE
January 2009 CyD candidate, Alvoske, supported by IDE and PON with 36.79% of total votes. He obtain 63 votes less than winning candidate of NEL party
February 2009 Alvoske won the elections because of 550 multiple accounts suporting Nueva Espana Liberal were banned.
March 2009 Evighet won the elections with 37.71% of the total votes, being supported by PON and indirectly by NEL
April 2009 CyD in solitary candidacy with Kanuto reach 33.27% of the votes and only loses presidency for 5 votes against Fredy
May 2009 Kanuto supported in a large coalition, win the elections with 50% of the votes.
  • Internal Elections
Another banner used by CyD members
Month Results
April 2008 Eisenhorn was first CyD president.
May 2008 Koldo Berlanga defeat Eisenhorn in internal elections
June 2008 hans kelsen was elected with 60% de los votos, but he left his position. Some CyD members resgned untill Raulov who directed the party throught that month.
July 2008 Nesan won internal elections with 52% of the total votes.
August 2008 Wosho won the elections 45%, closely followed by Silas, but he had so preasure of being the chairman, resigned, and went Pakistan so Nesan managed the party again.
September 2008 Nesan cannot place his candidacy because of a bug, and he asked the vote to, ricard2037 who win the elections with 75% of the total votes, and resigned the presidency to Nesan.
October 2008 hans kelsen was elected with 60% of the votes. In the new elections, in erepublik 1st version hans kelsen was reelected with 85% of the total votes. He resigned to Nesan when he lost in general elections.
November 2008 Eisenhorn was elected with 60%, defeating Papalopoudus and Gen
December 2008 Nesan win with more tan 90% of the votes when vinuesa (a multiplie account managed by PMV members, was banned in the try of takeovering the CyD).
January 2009 Alvoske won with a wide majority of total votes. He was banned (later unbanned) and sugarat was the president the second half of the month.
February 2009 Ezodervi wins with 70% of the votes
March 2009 Deve wins with 75% of the votes
April 2009 Deve wins again with 90% of the votes.
April 2009 Kojie win with 70% of the votes, avoing a try of takeover, led this time by Goldfinger.
  • Elecciones Locales
Raulov, 4 times Madrid mayor with CyD
Month Mayors for CyD Results
April 2008 3 CyD won Madrid mayor with Teletubbie. CyD will keep Madrid Council until the last Council in October. CyD also win in Palma de Mallorca and Oviedo.
May 2008 7 CyD, managed by Koldo Berlanga, pacted with the PMV, managed by MVerslayer, and its results in Spain were great. It win again in Madrid with Raulov, and also CyD mayors were relected in the Palma de Mallorca and Oviedo Council. CyD also won Toledo, Merida, Murcia and Sevilla councils.
June 2008 2 CyD won in Madrid (where a pact between IDE and BO try to overthrow CyD in the council) and Toledo too, but CyD results were poor.
July 2008 3 CyD maintained its two traditional municipalities, Madrid and Toledo, and won in Logroño where nobody else presented candidates.
August 2008 2 CyD maintained again its two traditional municipalities, Madrid and Toledo, but unfortunately didn’t win any other.
September 2008 4 With a wide agreement the elections gave a huge victory, with 32% of the votes, 4 municipalities, plus other 4 in agreement (with PS mainly), and obtained more than 50 regional congressman.
  • Spanish Congress Elections
Month Number of Congressmen Comments
October 2008 4 With new strange electoral system (ehich was immediately changed by the admin) and PMV tricks, CyD only reach 4 congressmen eith 25% of the vote.
November 2008 7 CyD with 27% of the votes reach 7 seats. The Plataforma para la Restauración Democrática's Alliance, won the majority.
December 2008 6 CyD obtainded 23% of the votes and 6 seats.
January 2009 9 CyD obtained 28% of the votes and 9 seats, the best result in the v1.
February 2009 13 CyD obtained 31% of the votes and 13 seats, 18 if we join PON members elected in CyD candidacies.
March 2009 15 CyD obtained 33% of the votes and 15 seats, 21 if we join PON and PF members in CyD candidacies, an absolute majority.
Abril 2009 16 A new confortable majority to CyD party.
May 2009 9 Hungarian try a takeover in Spain. CyD obtain 9 of 25 spanish congressman.

Party Structure

Organigrama de CyD/ CyD Party structure

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