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Civil war is a one-time off battle between the side who wants to do a military coup and the side which supports the official government and the national military units which didn't support the military coup. This function has been implemented on day 2,656 (27 February 2015) and since then it is active in the New World.

Support period

Coup side on the battlefield is marked with red swords.

After the Commander of one military unit has started a process of military coup a 3 hour support period starts. In this period every military unit that supports the military coup can join.

To support a civil war, a commander must go to the pre-last tab of the military unit, the Civil war and from there to click the Support coup button at the left side. Once you support the coup, you can not un-support it.

Beginning of the war

A civil war campaign starts in the capital of the country after a 3 hour support period ends. There will be two sides:

  • Attacking side: Supporters of the military coup (all members of the military units which supported the coup during the 3 hour support period)
  • Defending side: Supporters of the current government and democracy (civilians with the citizenship of the country, and members of the military units which didn't support the coup in the 3 hour support period)

To fight in the civil war, players have to be located in the capital of the country and be a part of one of the sides mentioned above. Changes to location, citizenship or military unit of the players can be done during the civil war campaign. In other words, players are free to leave and join military units as they wish, or even change their citizenship, in order to fight on the side they want.

Civil war campaigns work like normal campaigns: 94 points are required for a win. The only major difference is that, as mentioned above, not everyone can fight in the campaign.

If you have different citizenship or if you are not member of a military unit from that country, the following message will be shown in the civil war page:
Dictatorship war
You cannot fight in this battle if you are not a citizen of this country or a member of a military unit from this country.

Active civil wars

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - civil war.png All active civil wars are listed on the wars page under civil wars.

One of the recorded civil wars on this wiki is the Greek Civil War.

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