Clann na nGael

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Clann na nGael

General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation CnaG
Forum [1]
Colors Gold and Green
Founded 06 January 2010
Dissolved 2010
President Ariovistus
Members 8
Congress Occupancy 2/40, 5.41%
Succeeds Capitalist Party of Ireland
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Party Beginnings

Clann na nGael, or Family of the Gaels, is a Political Party of Ireland. It's founder is Ariovistus. It wishes to concentrate on reuniting Irish abroad and making a better elife for Irish.

Clann na nGael (CnaG) is a small Political Party of ten members. It was founded on January 6th 2010 and it won it's first seat in the Dáil Éireann on February 26th 2010. The Party is quite relaxed on staffing itself, looking primarily for the Citizen that Freely joins, rather than blatant recruitment.

It is Center-Right in Orientation, promoting Privatization and Conservative fiscal policy. Clann na nGael is a Libertarian Party, sharing the Ideology of Democracy and Freedom of Press.

It has promoted a Ministry for Gaeltacht Affairs, Smaller Government, Privatization, Banking, Stimulus Spending, and the Free Market.

The party has a paramilitary wing Airm na nGael.

Party History

Party Presidents
President Term Comments
Ariovistus December 2009
Ariovistus January 2010
Ariovistus February 2010
Ariovistus March 2010 Resigned to Deploy with IDF
Anthony Colby March 2010 Served 1 Day - Resigned to Deploy with IDF
Citizen Snap March 2010
Citizen Snap April 2010
Ariovistus May 2010