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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth August, 27th, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The Grand Avenue
Congress member of Missouri
November 25th, 2009 – January 25th, 2009
Chief Of Staff of United States Workers Party
November 25th, 2009 –
Preceded by Cerb
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 We will liberate – not destroy. We will defend – not attack. We will be peaceful – not aggressive. It is these three codes that guide and destine the American position in the global political talks, and will continue to do so for days to come. 

Clevinger was an economist and politician residing in USA's California.

He served as a Congress member on behalf of Missouri as well as being seated on the United States Workers Party Executive Board.

He has been at the forefront of the theories of economic development and understanding in the world. In addition, Clevinger is the founder of the School for Societal Creed. The School for Societal Creed was an organization which intended to study the behaviors and actions of players in eRepublik to develop a greater system of understanding to support World Leaders, and any Players that may inquire. They study ranges of economic & political development within primarily English speaking nations. The goal was to analyze and create a Philosophy that could explained the philosophy of players, organizations, and governments alike.

He was devoted and pledged member of groups such as Alliance for Good Government and The United States Workers Party.

In addition, he runs a newspaper known as The Grand Avenue which were a part of the Society of Philosophical Thought and is widely regarded as one of the forefather's of the newspaper driven society.

In Early Life

Clevinger was born on day 646 of the New World (August 27th, 2009). He was born in Western Australia, unaware that his birth there would put an Indonesian citizenship on his name. Since he didn't speak the primary language of the Indonesians, he moved to his real life birthplace of Victoria. After a few days of spending time in his homeland, he decided to leave and move to the USA to obtain American citizenship and to get involved in American Politics. He has never left the USA since.

The Grand Avenue

Like any citizen, Clevinger aspired to have his written works gain notoriety and success in the eRepublik world. He developed the newspaper known as Clevinger's Toy Box which had it's first article writing about the liberation of California to the USA, and the request that a Q5 hospital to be placed in that zone - denoting its extreme uses as a fortress state. Even though the article got about ten comments and thirty votes, Clevinger felt that this was not his place of writing, and decided to delete the article and take a different route.
 This is to get you to think. 

These were the famed words that started his new article style. He began to ask the readers questions about the world they lived in, whether it be about stress or writing itself, Clevinger was there to question it every time. This led to the creation of the eSociety of Philosophical Thought with close friend and fellow Philosopher, BjornThor. He still continues to this day to write such questions, although his articles have been limited as of late due to his candidacy in Missouri for the 24th USA congress.

On November 24th, 2009, Clevinger renamed Clevinger's Toy Box to The Grand Avenue.

On Politics

In early September, Clevinger became acquainted with famed Congress member Jude Connors. It was from this point, Clevinger's political career started to blossom. Clevinger watched as fellow new player Jude Connor's became one of the most famous congressmen of his generation (the post-liberation generation). It was through his close friendship to Jude Connors, rainy sunday, and Fivescott, that he finally brought up the courage to join the ranks as a newer player running for congress.

On November 16th, 2009, at 1AM eRepublik time, Clevinger announced his candidacy for Missouri's 24th Congress which was received with open arms of parties such as the Federalist Party, the United States Workers Party, and the Socialist Freedom Party, as well as many individual endorsements. He ran unopposed in the state. On November 25th, 2009, Clevinger was appointed to the eUSA 24th Congress.

Clevinger is strong in his political views, but is open to others. He encourages others to approach him with their ideas, even if it differs from his, so that he can see other's perspectives, and perhaps, even alter his viewpoint.

On Economy

Unknown to how it came to be, Clevinger's economic views became respected among many. He was sought after for economic meetings regarding many eRep nations. His development of Economic thought such as the creation of LPO's (Low-Profit Organizations) to both stabilize and subsidize materials on the marketplace, as well as not destroy those trying to make their own name as a company. In addition, his economic theories have created a new method of take over, known as an "Economic-Political Swift Kick" (or ESK for short) which has been used in many different countries across the world; although only one has been done successfully.


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