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Clopoyaur TV
Logo of Clopoyaur TV
Owner Romania
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Maramures
Founded Day 1,982
Founder Clopoyaur
Services Television

Clopoyaur is the founder of Clopoyaur TV. It is an eRomanian daily Live Streaming focused mainly on Guerrilla fights and social interaction and entertainment. Clopoyaur also is the organizer of the eRomanian Military Units Guerrilla Challenge which took place on 18 June 2013, achieving a new record of 150+ eRepublikans online on his stream, and 14 participating Military Units.

What are we doing here?

  • We learn together to win the Guerrilla Fights.
  • We talk about the latest events in eRepublik.
  • We give away thousands of breads, hundreds of weapons and tens of gold.
  • We talk with the most known eRepublikans.

And the main character is YOU!

Friends or foe, beginners or dinosaurs, everybody has something to say because eRepublik is our game! And we do it every night! I will wait for you there.

External link

  1. Twitch :
  2. Mixer (ex-Beam) : (current streaming platform)
  3. Official Newspaper : Clopoyaur TV News