Colombia-Mexico War

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Colombia-Mexico War
Map of Colombia-Mexico War
Date September 6, 2009 - –
October 1, 2009
Location Mexico
Result No changes
Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
Commanders and Leaders
Zigman miguelguerin

The Colombia-Mexico war was part of World War III. On August and September, PEACE countries began to loose their conquered regions in North America, and Mexico signed NAP with United States of America.

Because of that, Benito Camelas, President of Colombia, proposed declaration of war to Mexico on 5 September 2009 which was accepted day later, 6 September 2009, with 29 YES votes and 3 NO votes[1]. On 7 September 2009 Colombia began war against Mexico so that they could have a border with USA to attack it. They have succeeded and declared war to USA on 9 September 2009.[2]

On 1 October 2009 war ended when President of Mexico, miguelguerin, proposed peace to Colombia which was accepted by Colombia Congress with 27 votes YES and 0 votes NO[3] and by Mexico Congress with 33 votes YES and 5 votes NO.[4]


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