Colombianos Por la Unidad

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Colombianos Por la Unidad

Party-Colombianos Por la Unidad.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia
Abbreviation CPU
Colors Yellow, Blue, Red, Black
Founded June 2009
Dissolved August 9, 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partido Democrata Colombiano
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Colombianos Por la Unidad was a party in Colombia. It was the official Colombian party. It was a temporary party that existed only for a short time period in 2009. It had members of all kind of ideologies.

The party only had two party presidents. The first president was Valmonnt, while the second one was Jose Miguel. The ideologists of the party were Jose Miguel and Juan Manuel.

The process of dissolution has begun when Jose Miguel stated: "I would like to see my country without the party I lead". Inside the party, trying to make the first step into pluripartidism, "subparties" have been created. Only two sub-parties have been announced at the time: Alternative and the Democratic Party of Colombia.

This party has become the Partido Democrata Colombiano. At the time of its transformation, the party had 278 members.

Party Presidents