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Dead citizen

Colt Silver

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 24th March 2009
Date of death 2009
Residence East Midlands
Sex Male
Councilor of Entertainment of East Midlands
27th May 09 – N/A
Preceded by Lee Richards
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Colt Silver was a citizen of UK. He died in late 2009.

 Colt is the definition of complete awesomeness personified 
(Bob Boblo, Jack Harris & Mr Woldy)
 [Insert player's name here]....Colt is better than you ;)  


  • March 24th: eBirth in London.
  • March 24th: Joined UK forum.
  • April 27th: Became active in UK forum.
  • April 29th: Joined Royal Guard, Squad B3 The Raptors.
  • April 31st: Founded the newspaper Britain - By Silver.
  • May 7th: Joined the British Empire Party.
  • May 9th: Super-Soldiered.
  • May 9th: Joined Knights of Spamallot.
  • May 14th: Ranked Corporal while fighting in Romania.
  • May 14th: Moved to East Midlands via fighting in Romania.
  • May 15th: Created a Wiki Account.
  • May 16th: First Hard Worker Medal.
  • May 17th: Was made Advertising Minister for the British Empire Party.
  • May 22nd: Ranked Sergeant while fighting in the Third Sweden-Germany War.
  • May 24th: Quoted in a signature in the UK Forum for the first time.
  • May 27th: Became Counciler of Entertainment for the East Midlands.
  • May 27th: Obtained 1000 posts in the UK Forum.
  • May 31st: Ranked Lieutenant while fighting in Germany.
  • May 31st - June 5th: The Week of the Great Bannings.
  • June 11th: After much campaigning Colt's Party British Empire Party became the UK's 5th ranked party. This was an amazing achievement as when Colt joined, the party was on 21 members and falling.
  • June 18th: Became a moderator of the usergroup 'Party - BEP', in the national forums.
  • June 19th: Received a Boblo Award. "The 'Not Keen Enough' Award"
  • June 25th: Made an unsuccessful attempt running for congress. He would have qualified with just one more vote.
  • July 5th: Was promoted to Sergeant of Squad D1 in the Royal Guard.
  • July 9th: Ranked Captain while fighting for Austria.
  • July 14th: "I Can't Help Thinking That We Caused This" becomes Colt's first article to reach the Top-5 most voted.
  • July 28th: Colt became inactive over the summer and stopped using the game entirely by August.



Colt Silver's avatar on the forums is the Red Squirrel as seen at the top of the page. His reason for having this as his avatar is because the Red Squirrel is native to Great Britain and it's cute. Colt is known on the forums for the right and wrong reasons. One of the first debates he started was the Propose a Monarchy topic (see below) which went on for six pages. For these reasons, and the fact that he is one of the few people that talk to Teh User, Colt Silver has a reputation for being a big Royalist.

Well-Known Threads

Knights of Spamallot

In his early days on the forum, Colt applied to join the Knights of Spamallot. He is a regular poster in the secret forums as well as in Bob Boblo's House. Colt has participated in the International Spam Wars on several Operations, and is usually the guy who takes pics. The Knights of Spamallot is now lost/ deleted.


Colt Silver is regularly on the IRC. He started the memorable 'Names War' where everyone started switching 'Nicks'. After the war, Colt stayed as Lando but didn't talk for 20 minutes. He then began chatting as usual under Lando's name, until suddenly he blurted out phrases such as "I am Gay" and other similar connotations. To this day everyone present believes Lando is a homosexual and Lando has no idea, Let's hope he doesn't read this.

Colt Silver has regularly repeated this act, almost always using Lando's nickname.


As of 23:36 Monday 13th July, Colt Silver has been kicked 84 times from the #euk IRC and banned 7 times.

Between 02:44 on the 19th June and 02:44 on the 19th of June, (to be precise, 38 seconds) Colt was kicked 6 times by Glorious Failure, breaking his speed-kick record (he managed to kick Colt in the exact same second he rejoined).

Kicking Glorious Failure

Colt Silver is famed for kicking Glorious Failure from the IRC. Rastari was testing the '.kick' function, and Colt tried it too. Rastari was successful whereas Colt wasn't, which prompted GF to help out. He started by giving Colt '+h', which didn't work, and so Glorious Failure gave Colt '+o' - Full ops. Colt then used his new power to kick Glorious Failure.

=-=rastari was booted from #euk by GlaD0S (Requested (rastari))
=-=Mode #euk +h Colt_Silver by Glorious_Failure
<Glorious_Failure>Try now, colt
-->|rastari ( has joined #euk
.access list add rastari
=-=Mode #euk +o rastari by GlaD0S
<Colt_Silver>i dont get it?
=-=Mode #euk +o Colt_Silver by Glorious_Failure
<Glorious_Failure>Try now
=-=Glorious_Failure was booted from #euk by Colt_Silver (Glorious_Failure)

Useful Tips

  • The Number One Rule: Never click on any link that mr. brodie posts.
  • /join #[insert channel name] - Puts you directly into any channel
  • /me [insert action] - Writes in purple, primary used for actions
  • Ctrl & b - Types in Bold
  • Ctrl & r - Fills letters (like in a newspaper)
  • Ctrl & u - Underlines words
  • To Type in colour, view this page (
  • The above four can be used in any combination, before and after individual letter
  • If you ever enter the '#dontjoinitsatrap' channel, the only way to leave is to type '.spin'
  • When a channel is password protected, if you try and join it will say on your 'status screen': 'Cannot Join Channel (+k)'. If you know the password simply type '/join #[insert channel name] [insert channel password]'.
  • If you ever see a bot called Sparky, type '!seen [insert player's nick]' and the bot will reply with the date and time of when that nickname was last active. If there is no such nick then Sparky will reply saying I have not seen [player's nick].
  • This can be used in a funnier way. Type '!seen [something here]' and Sparky will say I have not seen [what ever you typed]. Eg, I have not seen GF_being_funny, I have not seen Brodie_sober, I have not seen Kumnaa's_pen0r.
  • If you ever see a bot called eRepinfoBot, type '!fightcalc [your in-game name]' for your stats, and '!info [your in-game name]' for your bio stats.
  • There is a bot called Supernanny who's attributes are shrouded in mystery. Supernanny and Sparky will both respond to the following command: '!eightball [insert question here]'. Their responses are the 8 reasons from an eightball.
  • Typing 'Hi' when erepinfobot is on the channel, will prompt the bot to respond with 'Hi [Your Name]' immediately.

Fun Facts

Colt's Movie Poster
  1. The Week of the Great Bannings was a week when Colt Silver was banned from the eRepublik game, the UK forums, the #euk IRC, and his party's own forum.
  2. Colt Silver was one of the original members of the British Empire Party, joining it when it was still called the Conservative Revolution. He is therefore regarded as a founding member, and he also assisted greatly to reach the top-5 status.
  3. Colt Silver has rock hard abs.
  4. His biceps are hench too.
  5. There are only a few known facts about Colt Silver in RL, view them here.

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