Comando Nacional Democratico

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Comando Nacional Democratico

Party-Comando Nacional Democratico.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Abbreviation C.N.D.
National rank 3
Founded 2010
Members 5
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Comando Nacional Democratico (CND) is a political party in Venezuela. It was always in the top 5 parties in Venezuela, having more than 200 members at one point and more than 12 congress members. In 2015 it became the nr.1 party in Venezuela by its size with 74 members and 6 Congress members [May 28, 2015].


The party was started with ID 1901 at some point in 2010 and lasted until the end of 2011; with small changes in the party name (in April 2011 it was known as CND - Tortuga Roja PIV).

It was restarted again in October 2011 with ID 3785 under which party still exists today. In January 2020 it was briefly renamed to Juntos por Venezuela by elTripleD, the party president at the time.


The party had several important members.

Country Presidents

This is the list known Presidents elected as Country Presidents:

  • September 2010: El Conde Lincuente
  • January 2011: Ulisespuma
  • April 2011: Chucho23
  • May 2011: JPVS
  • July 2011: Talkewa
  • August 2011: camh1

Note: The list is updated til January 2012.

Party presidents

Party presidents Period
El Conde Lincuente Oct/11 - Dec/11
Francky Manchester Dec/11 - Jan/12
El Conde Lincuente Jan/12 - Mar/12
Fpalacio May/12 - Jun/12
El Conde Lincuente Jun/12 - Jul/12
Capitan Guayana Jul/12 - Sep/12
El Conde Lincuente Sep/12 - Oct/12
Capitan Guayana Oct/12 - Nov/12
Rey David 67 Nov/12 - Jan/13
El Conde Lincuente Jan/13 - Feb/13
Sunmannus Feb/13 - Mar/13
xJonSantx Mar/13 - Apr/13
jonaT10 Apr/13 - May/13
El Conde Lincuente May/13 - Jun/13
JorgeBul Jun/13 - Jul/13
El Conde Lincuente Jul/13 - Aug/13
adrianojdd Aug/13 - Oct/13
xJonSantx Oct/13 - Nov/13
blackp0w3r Nov/13 - Dec/13
xquemrdxD Dec/13 - Jan/14
isaacrv97 Jan/14 - Feb/14
Kroll.Murder Feb/14 - Mar/14
jonaT10 Mar/14 - Apr/14
chui.x3 Apr/14 - May/14
El Conde Lincuente May/14 - Jun/14
adrianojdd Jun/14 - Jul/14
isaacrv97 Jul/14 - Aug/14
chui.x3 Aug/14 - Sep/14
Kroll.Murder Sep/14 - Dec/14
xXxJuan.05xXx Dec/14 - Jan/15
El Conde Lincuente Jan/15 - Feb/15
adrianojdd Feb/15 - Mar/15
D Domador Mar/15 - Apr/15
Osvetnik993 May/15 - Jun/15
xXxJuan.05xXx Jun/15 - Jul/15
Don SocratesGroucho Jul/15 - Aug/15
chui.x3 Aug/15 - Sep/15
Capitan Guayana Sep/15 - Nov/15
xXxJuan.05xXx Nov/15 - Dec/15
Kroll.Murder Dec/15 - Jan/16
Osvetnik993 Jan/16 - Mar/16
adrianojdd Mar/16 - Apr/16
El Conde Lincuente Apr/16 - Jun/16
Osvetnik993 Jun/16 - Jul/16
Jessie Daniels Jul/16 - Aug/16
El Conde Lincuente Aug/16 - Nov/16
chui.x3 Nov/16 - Dec/16
Kroll.Murder Dec/16 - Jan/17
El Conde Lincuente Jan/17 - Feb/17
Kroll.Murder Feb/17 - Mar/17
chui.x3 Mar/17 - Apr/17
El Conde Lincuente Apr/17 - Oct/17
Pto. Fijo Oct/17 - Nov/17
chui.x3 Nov/17 - Dec/17
IsaacReload Dec/17 - Jan/18
El Conde Lincuente Jan/18 - Mar/18
Pto. Fijo Mar/18 - Apr/18
El Conde Lincuente Apr/18 - May/18
Pto. Fijo May/18 - Jun/18
El Conde Lincuente Jun/18 - Jul/18
Skin Head 18 Jul/18 - Aug/18
Capitan Arepa Aug/18 - Sep/18
Negro Malo. Sep/18 - Oct/18
chui.x3 Oct/18 - Nov/18
El Conde Lincuente Nov/18 - Jan/19
elTripleD Jan/19 - Feb/19
El Conde Lincuente Feb/19 - Mar/19
Capitan Arepa Mar/19 - Apr/19
elTripleD Apr/19 - May/19
Capitan Arepa May/19 - Jul/19
elTripleD Jul/19 - Aug/19
chui.x3 Aug/19 - Sep/19
Capitan Arepa Sep/19 - Oct/19
chui.x3 Oct/19 - Nov/19
Jose.15. Nov/19 - Jan/20
elTripleD Jan/20 - Feb/20
Pope Emeritus Feb/20 - May/20
Jose.15. May/20 - Jun/20
Pope Emeritus Jun/20 - Oct/20
J O S E 1 5 Oct/20 - Apr/21
XAnthoX Apr/21 - Jul/21
no election results Jul/21 - Oct/21
XAnthoX Oct/21 - Apr/22
xXxJuan.05xXx Apr/22 - May/22
XAnthoX May/22 - Jun/22
xXxJuan.05xXx Jun/22 - Nov/22
RenzRodriguez Dec/22 - Jan/23
XAnthoX Jan/23 - Feb/23
RenzRodriguez Feb/23 - May/23
XAnthoX May/23 - Jun/23
no election results Jun/23 - Oct/23
XAnthoX Oct/23 - Nov/23

Other members

This is the list of members who were not country or party presidents, but still made some impact for the party and/or country:

  • Ietargo - former party vice president and congress member
  • FerchoMunozG - ambassador and former vice-minister