Communist Party - Soviet Union

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Communist Party

Party-Communist Party (Russia).jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Abbreviation CP
Forum [1]
Founded December 2010 (est)
President Name 1
Members 159
Congress Occupancy 10/40 seats, 25%
Succeeds Communist Party of the Soviet Empire
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian
Original logo of Communist Party - Soviet Union

Communist Party is a party in Russia. It was international affiliatied in Internationale. It passed many changes in its past, but it is an important part of Russian politics. Currently it is the largest party in Russia.


The party was originally started as Communist Party of Soviet Empire (CPSE) but when Russia was conquered that party was moved to Norway. After liberation of Russia, sometime in 2010 this party was started again as Communist Party - Soviet Union (CPSU) probably with ID 2292, but then Russia was conquered again. Finally around December 2010 the party was restarted under current ID, but still as CPSU.

Sometime in 2013 party decided to shorten its name to simply Communist Party.


The economic goal of the Communist Party is to create a planned economy.


Some of the more successful members were: