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Congress of Colombia
Government of Colombia
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General Information
Country ColombiaColombia
Headquarters Flag-Colombia.jpg Bogota
Established 2009
Part of Colombia
Type Congress

Congress is the legislative branch of the eRepublik of Colombia. It is usually formed by 40 representatives.

Structure 2009-2011

Colombia has 6 regions. There are 6 representatives of each region that are the most voted candidates at the elections. There are 4 wildcards.

The first elections of the Colombian Congress were held in June 2009. Back then, Colombia was a one-party state and the only legal party was CPU, so all candidates were part of that party. But, in July of 2009, sub-parties inside CPU were formed with the intention of being a first step for the country to go into a multi-party system. In August, four new parties were formed.

The Colombian Congress meets in the Colombian forum, where they debate and vote laws and projects to help the country grow.

Congress elections

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Partido Democrata Colombiano 1135 November 2021
Progreso Colombiano 758 November 2021
Alianza Social Demócrata 537 November 2021
Partido Revolucionario 480 November 2021
Integracion Colombiana PIC 343 October 2018
Colombianos Por la Unidad 247 August 2012
Hijos del Santo Pae 230 November 2021
Union Progresista Colombiana 153 March 2016
Comunion Progresita 70 August 2012
El Partido de la A 55 April 2013
Partido Patriota Colombiano 54 December 2011
Union Renovadora Alternativa 48 July 2010
Unión Patriótica 45 July 2010
A.M.I.G.O.S 33 March 2010
Asociacion de Anime LulZero 29 July 2010
Partido de Unidad eColombiana 28 May 2010
Partido Multero de Colombia 22 January 2013
Alternativa 20 January 2010
Partido Unión Renovadora 11 December 2009
Amigos LANeros 11 July 2010
Independent 7 August 2009
Partido Comunista Colombiano 4 December 2009
Partido Verde 3 April 2010