Congress of Croatia 2012

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January 2012

In this elections, 2273 votes were cast, which equals to 30% of active Croatian players (7688 active players as of Day 1528). This is a small increase in the number of votes, compared to previous months.

36 Congress member were elected in 14 regions. There were 94 candidates, and the following candidates were elected:

Some votes were removed during the voting fraud check, so Djani Ujkan Marich and Daria89 were removed from the list of the elected candidates, as they didn't have the sufficient number of votes. Some candidates were punished more severely after the elections, receiving a permanent ban for breaking the rules: perro26 and dr. Franjo.

One of the interesting facts... Few hours before the start of the Congress elections, Tuljanska Stranka was dropped from the top5 parties which did enable them to participate in the elections. One of the party leaders accused HSP that they were to fault, but later publicly apologized.