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Congress of Cuba
Government of Cuba
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General Information
Country CubaCuba
Headquarters Flag-Cuba.jpg Havana
Established May 25, 2014
Part of Cuba
Type Congress

The Congress elections take place on the 25th day of each month. Only the top 5 parties can make nominations for Congress candidates. Citizens vote for one list of party representatives they choose to support.

The first Congress elections in Icon-Cuba.png Cuba were held on 25 May 2014 (eDay 2378), just a few days after the country of Cuba was added to the New World.

Congress elections

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Partido Comunista de Cuba 595 December 2021
Alternativa Cubana 537 December 2021
Partido de la Liberacion 301 December 2021
Partido Revolucionario Cubano 247 November 2019
Partido Indoamericano Popular 216 August 2019
Independentistes Catalans Cuba 195 December 2021
Cuban Social Party 147 March 2017
Barbudos 75 November 2021
Partido del Pueblo Cubano 71 June 2015
Liga Nacional Juche Cubana 58 December 2020
Cuban Liberation Front 53 October 2015
Frente Amplio Dr Vaporeso. 53 August 2016
Partido Popular Democratico 42 January 2019
Partido de Cuba 14 July 2014
Shit for you 12 August 2018
MPS - 26 - J 4 April 2017

Last updated: December 2021