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Congress of Finland
Government of Finland
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General Information
Country FinlandFinland
Headquarters Flag-Finland.jpg Rovaniemi
Established December 3, 2007
Part of Finland
Type Congress

The first Congress of Finland was inaugurated on 3 December 2007 (eDay 13), two days after general elections have been held for the first time in the New World. Unfortunately, not a lot of data is known from this period and the first known results are from April 2010.

Today, the Congressional elections take place on the 25th day of each month and the Congress is inaugurated two days later, on the 27th of each month. Only the top 5 parties can make nominations for Congress candidates and citizens vote for lists of party representatives instead of individual candidates which are valid for a whole country, not a certain region.

The review of all Finnish Congresses by year can be viewed by clicking on the links below, as well a detailed table with the overview of all Congress seats can be seen further down.

Congress elections in Finland

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Wanhat Parrat 1261 August 2022
Alpha Male Club 894 August 2022
Liberaali Edistyspuolue 719 November 2020
Kansallisdemokraattinen puolue 279 August 2014
Keisarillinen Korppipuolue 268 July 2018
Sininen Puolue 176 February 2012
Unioni (2014-2018) 176 July 2018
Unioni (2018-2022) 143 August 2022
Kauppaliitto 104 June 2013
Sinivalkoinen Liitto 86 January 2013
PippeliPojat 74 March 2011
Korppipuolue 65 August 2022
Pelipuolue 56 May 2012
Petrin Partio 54 September 2021
Suomen jalkapallopuolue 52 August 2022
ES TEAM 41 March 2020
Red Jihad 33 December 2019
Estonian Failure 29 March 2011
Punainen Yhteisrintama 27 June 2010
Folk's Force 16 November 2013
Jytkyliike 11 June 2011
Kendos Kyrv'a' Party 7 August 2013
Lahnan ex-pulue 5 August 2011
Congress Running Team 4 October 2021
Vabade ja Iseseisvate Partei 2 November 2010
Rahkaliitto 2 October 2011