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Congress of Hungary
Government of Hungary
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General Information
Country HungaryHungary
Headquarters Flag-Hungary.jpg Budapest
Established November 20, 2007
Newspaper Kongresszusi Kozlony
Part of Hungary
Type Congress

The Congressional elections take place on the 25th day of each month. Only the top 5 parties can make nominations for Congress candidates.

Until October 2008, Congressional Elections were held as part of the general elections which included both Presidential & Congressional Elections and they were held on the 1st of each month. Up to this point, citizens voted for the party list in a certain region, not the individual Congress candidates.

From October 2008 up to September 2012, citizens voted for an individual candidate on a party list in a certain region. As of September 2012, citizens vote for lists of party representatives instead of individual candidates which is valid for a whole country, not a certain region.

The first Congressional elections in Icon-Hungary.png Hungary were held on eDay 11 (1 December 2007) when first ever general elections were held in the New World. Unfortunately, not a lot of data is known from this period and the first known results are from June 2008.

Congress elections in Hungary

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Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Hatarontuli Magyar Szovetseg 1236 March 2023
A KARD 906 March 2023
Magyar Civilek Partja 875 March 2023
Nemzeti Ebredes Partja 728 March 2023
Magyar Legio Part 453 May 2019
Magyar Hazafiak Pártja 386 August 2020
Magyar Katonák Szövetsége 376 January 2018
Repulosok Partja 315 March 2023
A Szent Korona Szövetsége 135 December 2012
481-es Mozgalom 56 June 2011
KARD 2.0 28 November 2022
Kisgazdapárt 25 January 2011
Fekete Sereg Part 17 September 2014
Euphonix evek az MKKPban 7 December 2022
En kicsi 5labas ponim 7 January 2023
Nemzeti Front 5 October 2011
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