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Congress of Uruguay
Government of Uruguay

General Information
Country UruguayUruguay
Established 2009
Part of Government of Uruguay
Type Congress

The Congress elections take place on the 25th day of each month. Only the top 5 parties can make nominations for Congress candidates.

Until October 2008, Congressional Elections were held as part of the general elections which included both Presidential & Congressional Elections and they were held on the 1st of each month. Up to this point, citizens voted for the party list in a certain region, not the individual Congress candidates.

From October 2008 up to September 2012, citizens voted for an individual candidate on a party list in a certain region. As of September 2012, citizens vote for lists of party representatives instead of individual candidates which is valid for a whole country, not a certain region.

Uruguay was introduced as a new country in the New world in 2009.

The first Congress elections in Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay were held in June 2009.

Congress elections per year in more detail