Conservative Party (USA)

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Conservative Party

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation CvP
Founded February 2009
Dissolved April 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds eRepublikans for Change
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Conservative Party was a political party in the United States of America. It had over 600 members at one point in its history. It was re-founded in February 2012 as Conservative People's Party.

Party Mission Statement

CVP SLOGAN: “Never settle and continually seek to better yourself and your country.”

The Conservative party. A party of small government and big ideas, working together, promoting individual freedom, and fostering community spirit.

We attract and welcome NEW and OLD citizens alike under the belief that we all have something to offer and we can continually improve the situation of any society. We strive to continually assess the decisions and motives of ourselves and of our government to ensure that we are always headed in the appropriate direction.

The CVP's political platform can be viewed below.

Political Platform


The CVP believes in a transparent government that is accountable to the people. We are a supporter of small government that is established through minimal branches to deal with pressing issues and in maintaining the United States. At the same time, government should be readily open to participation and communication from the every day citizen.

We believe in active participation at all levels of government. It is the responsibility of mayors and political parties to contribute to and aid the efforts of the federal government. We endorse the use of a Mayor’s Tribunal and a Congressional Committee, in order to increase cooperation between members of government to accomplish what they are elected for. The ultimate goal of government should be to help the people and ensure their economic success, as well as safety.


The CVP supports an open market with very limited disruption from the government. However, we endorse the use of the Federal Reserve to regulate the value of the dollar and to ensure that tax paying citizens are not losing hard earned money. We believe in the protection of our markets from foreign companies and advise citizens to buy from domestic companies that preside in eUSA.

We believe in the rights of the employee and the value every individual has to our economy. Every worker is entitled to fair wages regardless of experience or any other factors.


We firmly believe that activity is the key to success. As CVP members, we will constantly do our utmost to lead by example for others. We will portray a tight knit community that will be strengthened by media tools, such as IRC and forum use. We will work together under the common goals of our party to achieve and succeed.

Foreign Affairs

As a group, we see no reason for armed conflict initiated by the United States. While due diligence has its rewards in preparation for the inevitable, we should remain neutral in matters that do not affect us as long as possible. We should forge friendships on an International Scale, keep to our neutral stance while protecting our borders.

Party Presidents

Year 2009
Party President Tenure
Desertfalcon Oct 08*- Jun 09
Mattoze5 Jun 09 - Sep 09
Raegan Taylor Sep 09 - Oct 1, 09
Desertfalcon Oct 1, 09 - Nov 15, 09
Cromstar Nov 09 - Mar 10

* party president of RFC who changed the name to Conservative Party.


The conservative party was founded sometime in February 2009 after voting on the RFC forum which will be the new name of the party.

The Desertfalcon Era

In early 2009, Desertfalcon released an article for changes that he wished to implement within the eRepublikans for Change. He made a voting about the new name and he decided to launch a Party Council to hopefully get some more experience in people to make the party thrive. He also wrote about how the party was slowing down in recruitment levels, so he proposed a spark in recruitment... which worked. The parties recruitment levels shot through the roof, and they are approaching the 300 members mark. Since then, there has also been a big push in larger party involvement in elections, and now candidates are more screened through for "quality control", and those who pass are highly supported by the party to give Congress members that will succeed.

The Mattoze5 Era and the Rise of Ajay Bruno

After Desertfalcon stepped down after eight consecutive months as party president Mattoze5 took control of the party. Mattoze5 was elected by a landslide margin due to a lack of real competition and the fact he had the endorsements of both outgoing party president Desertfalcon and the party council. The first few days of Matt's reign went well for the party, however after a weak performance in the congressional elections Matt's popularity among the average party member began to decline which made way for Ajay Bruno.

Most people characterized Ajay as a far right radical with extremist views. He would often say things like real world imperialism was justified since it civilized cultures around the world. This along with his far right views on everything made him very unpopular even among conservatives. Ajay responded to the criticism by calling his criticizers "liberals who were scared of him". Despite being vastly unpopular with those who knew about him he was able to cater his rhetoric and campaigning to those two clickers who didn't pay much attention to the game.

Mattoze5 was then faced with a difficult choice, he knew Ajay was damaging the party and he ended up firing Ajay as the party's assistant vice president (a made up position meant to appease Ajay). This was part of a deal Matt struck with Ajay which allowed Ajay to run in the CVP primary if he would end his political "Career" after his presidential bid should he lose. Ajay then began to campaign for the CVP primary and to everyone's surprise he did very well and won in a landslide. Many people weren't convinced though and after an investigation by Mattoze5 and Dodgercatcher it was revealed that an undisclosed number of votes for Ajay had been fraudulent and the primary was nullified with the endorsement eventually going to Emerick.

Ajay was infuriated after being denied the primary and immediately began a campaign for party president in hopes of taking the party from Matt. Ajay worked day and night to campaign and PM every member of the party. In the end Ajay ended up doing better then most people expected however he lost 203-167, with Matt gaining 51% of the vote and Ajay gathering 42%. Ajay then blamed the loss on other parties moving their members into the CVP to vote against him. While movers from other parties did come to vote against Ajay the exact number is unknown, still it remains within the realm of possibility that Ajay might of won had there of not been any outside intervention.

Ajay then ran off and formed the Conservative Victory Party which reached close to 250 members at its peak. The goal of this party was to replace the old Conservative Party as the right wing voice in the country. Ajay repeatedly stated that the old conservative party had been taken over by liberals and used the recent party elections as proof saying the USWP and AAP basically picked Matt over Ajay. Ajay scavenged the old CVP members and managed to find quite a few people willing to switch parties (although some were just following Ajay for fun). In the August party presidential elections the competition was between Ajay and challenger Jaxon Leith. The battle between the two was close throughout the day but in the end Jaxon received enough votes to win by a small margin. Once again Ajay blamed those who moved into the party to vote against him for his loss and soon moved to South Africa in hopes of gaining prominence there. He managed to win a congress seat one month however he was soon banned by the admins for using multiple accounts to vote. His body still can be seen in South Africa.

Ajay's antics severely damaged the party during Matt's term and without a real unifying force within the CVP against Ajay the party shrunk and began to split. Many of the two clickers were at least somewhat frustrated by the fact that members from other parties did have to come vote for Matt and that frustration lead to Reagan winning the September party president election over Matt who was seeking his fourth term as PP.

The Primary System

In March of 2009, a citizen of the party, Mattoze5, came up with the idea of a presidential primary system that could allow party members to vote on their nominee for eUSA president. After being voted on and accepted by the active party council and president, the first ever Erepublik Primary was held by the Conservative Party in April for the May country president elections. Although the first primary only had a less than 2% voter turnout, succeeding primaries have had a greater number of participation.

May Primary June Primary July Primary August Primary September Primary October Primary November Primary
Gaius Julius* † Kyle321n* Emerick* Mattoze5* † Emerick* Gaius Julius* Josh Frost*
Henry Baldwin Scrabman Dodgercatcher Hekter Dodgercatcher Woxan Jewitt
Scrabman Dodgercatcher Lowell Kennedy Logan Dunleavy Rhane Yono Mattoze5
Huskerguy77 Rhane Joshua Hoss Raegan Taylor Dodgercatcher
Emerick Wade Seagrave Dodgercatcher Ardez
Robert Bayer Jaxon Leith NeilP99

* = Winner

† = Gaius Julius substituted in Kyle321n for his candidacy due to Rightcon. Mattoze5 dropped out to endorse Emerick