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The Constitution of eBelgium


  • a – The Constitution is the fundamental charter of eBelgium and it is above any other law except for eRepublik's rules.
  • b – The official languages of eBelgium are English, French and Dutch, but the official language on the forum is English.
  • c – The official eBelgium forum is:
  • d – The official eBelgium IRC is #eBrussels
  • e – For forum purposes, a citizen of eBelgium is defined as any player who has in-game citizenship. The following exceptions will be made.

1. Congress may create groups granting full or partial citizenship rights, to be defined by law, which may include but are not limited to access to citizen programs and/or eligibility for government or forum positions that are normally limited to in-game Belgian citizens. Congress regulates the addition and removal of people to these groups.

2. For forum purposes, citizenship can be removed under the following circumstances. That can influence the rights to citizen programs, citizen, CP, government or CM masks and privileges. An in-game citizen’s rights may be removed if:

  • it is proposed by one of the following: the current CP, the last known CP, any congress member in either the current term or the previous term.
  • it is voted by congress with a 2/3 majority
  • the motivation is a reasonable suspicion that the person has the intention to PTO eBe, harm eBe or provides assistance to someone with these intentions.
  • It is approved before, during or after voting by a majority in the Supreme Court with regard to 'motivation' requirement

3. Citizenship rights may be restored if both the Supreme Court and Congress vote (with a normal majority) to reinstate the citizen to full rights.

Title I. The Legislative Branch: Congress

Art.I-1 Membership

a - Congress will be decided upon game mechanics; everyone with in-game rank of Congress Member or Country President is a member of Congress on the forum, as well.

b – Eligible voters for forum votes are the current President and current members of Congress who have received Congress member masks by signing in for the current term.

Art. I-2 Legislative Process

a - All in-game proposals will be proposed by Congress and will be voted by Congress in the game's Congress Module. In-game proposals are now called 'Congress-Module' proposals. All other proposals are non-Congress-module proposals.

b - All Congress-Module proposals will have a discussion topic.

c - All non-Congress-Module proposals will be proposed in a debate thread and will be voted by Congress in the national forum to be enacted as law.

d - A proposal will be debated for a minimum of 24 hours and will be moved to the Voting Area or the Congress Module for voting. The exact wording of the proposal may be determined just before voting the proposal.

e - Proposals can enter voting before the 24h of discussion are up if a motion of cloture is made by a Congress member and is seconded by two other Congress members, except for constitutional reforms which cannot be subject to a motion of cloture.

f - All non-Congress-Module votes will be manual by saying Yes, No, or Abstain unless otherwise specified before the vote begins.

g - Each vote will last a minimum of 24h.

h - The proposer can decide to raise the time limit up to a maximum of 72h for non-Congress-Module votes, but must state this at the beginning of voting.

i - All votes that reach their time limit without the participation of at least 1/3 of the eligible voters will have their time limit increased by 6h, unless the (extended) time limit is 72h. This process is repeated until such a number is reached or the (extended) time limit is 72h.

j - All non-Congress-Module proposals that receive any majority vote in the national forum will become law.

k - All active non-Congress-Module votes without exception will be ended upon the end of the congress term and not be accepted.

l - All laws can be changed with a simple majority unless stated otherwise.

Art. I-3 Legislative Limits

a - A non-Congress-module proposal needs to follow the procedures required by this constitution and other laws, in order for it to become a law.

b - In case of contradiction between the constitution and law, the constitution supersedes the law and the law will be nullified.

c - Any eBelgian citizen can ask the Supreme Court to rule whether a proposal or law is valid or not.

Art. I-4 Abilities of Congress

a - To have all abilities provided in the game's Congress Module.

b - To fire a cabinet member if he or she has violated game laws and constitutional regulations.

c - To start institutional reforms and amendments.

d - To make, pass, and overturn laws for the nation and for the government.

e - To elect Supreme Court Justices.

f - To impeach Supreme Court Justices for any of the reasons listed for the removal of a cabinet member in Article II-3.e or for abuse of power, with a 2/3 vote of participating members.

g - To ratify the eBelgian Budget.

Art. I-5 Limits of Congress

a - Congress will abide by the game rules and regulations.

b - For non-Congress-Module proposals, similar to the Congress Module, Congress cannot start any proposal similar to one that is in the voting process. Congress must wait for voting on one proposal to end before making a similar proposal.

c - Any Congress Member that gets an in-game permanent ban will lose his membership in forum Congress.

Title II. The Executive Branch: the President and his Cabinet

Art. II-1 The President

a – The President of eBelgium is the person elected through the game mechanics.

Art. II-2 Abilities of the President

a - The President will have all the abilities provided in the game module.

b - The President will be considered a full member of Congress for non-Congress-Module debates and votes.

c - The President will be the commander-in-chief of the eBelgian military and all its departments.

d - The President will appoint his cabinet and will establish his government through his cabinet.

Art. II-3 Abilities & Limits of the President and the President's Cabinet

a - The President's cabinet will have total control over their assigned sectors under the guidance of the President.

b - The President can fire any of his cabinet members at any time.

c - The President is solely responsible for appointing members to the President's cabinet.

d - Congress will have the ability to remove a cabinet member through a forum vote.

e - Congress can only propose to remove a cabinet member if the cabinet member received 3 suspensions or forfeit points in-game, received a permanent ban in-game or broke eBelgian laws

Art. II-4 Limits of the President

a - The President cannot veto any law.

b - The President cannot suspend Supreme Court Justices.

c - The President cannot be an Administrator or Moderator during his term and will automatically step-down from these functions for the duration of his term.

Title III. Judicial Branch: the Supreme Court

Art. III-1 The Supreme Court of eBelgium

a – The Supreme Court of eBelgium is made up of 3 justices.

b - The Supreme Court of eBelgium will serve as the judicial review committee for the Congress of eBelgium.

Art. III-2 Abilities of the Supreme Court of eBelgium

a - The Supreme Court can review both ongoing proposals and already voted laws.

b - The Supreme Court can nullify laws or ongoing proposals.

c - All three of the Supreme Court Justices must be present when voting to nullify a proposal or law. The majority is needed in order to nullify.

d – The Supreme Court will review cases brought to them by the public.

e – The Supreme Court’s ruling is final. Punishment or lack thereof, is to be dictated by them; however, the carrying out of such punishment will be by the Administration/Moderation.

Art. III-3 Limits of the Supreme Court

a - Justices can not nullify Congress-module Proposals.

b – Justices serve terms of 3 months, but have no maximum number of terms. There is no need of a break between terms.

Art. III-4 The "Justices"

a - A total of three Justices will be seated as elected by the Congress of eBelgium.

b - The three Justices may appoint a Chief Justice to maintain communication between the Justices and lead the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice will hold no extra abilities.

c - Justices will serve an individual maximum term of three months. Justices may resign their positions.

d - Justices cannot serve as President or a member of the President's Cabinet. A justice's term will be immediately ended if the justice is elected or appointed one of these jobs.

e – In any case involving a Justice, that Justice is not allowed to make a ruling. A temporary Justice has to be instated for that specific case, to replace the involved Justice.

Title IV. The Administration and Global Moderators

Art. IV-1 Administrators

a - Only 4 Administrators will be allowed.

b – Administrators will be responsible for maintaining forum etiquette, masking citizens, ambassadors, congress members, etc.

c – Administrators will have full authority and responsibility in the national forums.

d – Administrators can appoint and remove both Administrators and Moderators.

e - If there are no Administrators, people with access to the account 'Admin' can appoint a new Administrator.

f - All Administrators will have at least Full OP in the official IRC.

Art. IV-2 Moderators

a - There is no limit on the number of active Moderators.

b - Moderators are to assist Administrators in maintaining forum etiquette.

c - Administrators are responsible for the behavior of Moderators.

d - All Moderators will have at least Half OP in the official IRC.

Art. IV-3 Limitations of the Administrators and Mods

a - Administrators cannot lock voting threads unless the time for voting has ended.

b – Administrators and Moderators can be voted out at any time, for any reason, by Congress.

c – Administrators and Moderators are to be held to the same standards of etiquette and basic law that all other members are.

d – Administration/Moderation are required to follow Article III-2e.

Title V. Amendments & Constitutional Reforms and Additions

Art. V-1 Process

a - Congress may propose amendments, reforms, and additions to this constitution.

b - The updated/changed portion of the constitution cannot be changed for at least 3 days, starting from the time of its adoption.

c - Any amendments, reforms, and additions will only pass with a 2/3 majority vote, where at least half of all eligible voters have voted. In the event that there are less than 3 eligible voters, the Supreme Court needs to approve, with a majority, the change as well.