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Croatian constitution

Croatian constitution is a basic legal document of eCroatia (locally eHrvatska; abbreviation eHR) according to which all other acts have to be formed. It has to be respected by all citizens of eCroatia no matter where they live at the moment. Not respecting Croatian constitution is a hard offence of respect and honor of eCroatia.

Add #1: Republic of eCroatia

The Republic of eCroatia is parliamentary eRepublic, home of all Croatian citizens. Original eCroatia regions are: Istria and Kvarner, South Dalmatia, Lika and Gorski Kotar, North Dalmatia, Northwest Croatia, Central Croatia and Slavonia. All eCroatian citizens are obligated, in accordance with their capabilities, to defend the territorial and moral integrity of eCroatia and by their actions do not harm the reputation and position of eCroatia.

Add #2: Congress of eCroatia

Congress of eCroatia is the carrier of the legislative power of eCroatia. Congress of eCroatia makes decisions and other important decisions regarding eCroatia. All Members of Congress of eCroatia shall perform their duties responsibly, morally and honorably, and for this, they answer to people of eCroatia.

Add #3: Government of eCroatia

The executive power in eCroatia is Government of eCroatia with the President as the head. President of eCroatia appoints ministers who run government departments and for their work they answer to people of eCroatia. Ministers for the work and operations of their ministries and all offices and organizations they answer to the President od eCroatia.

Basic ministries are:

• Ministry of Defence eHR (MOD)

• Ministry of Economy eHR (ME)

Ministry of Education eHR (MO)

• Ministry of Information eHR (MI)

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of eHR (MVP, MOFA)

• Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare eHR (MRSS)

In addition to the above-mentioned ministries, the Government has the option of establishing other government ministries, offices and organizations to improve the operation of state government and administration.

Add #4: Administration of eCroatia

Ministers can employ civil servants to help them in performing their duties in order to improve the operation of state government and administration. All ministers shall perform their duties responsibly, morally and honorably, and for their work does not receive any compensation.

Other civil servants may receive a weekly prize for the effort, and it does not exceed the value amounting to 50 HRK.

Add #5: eCroatian National Bank

eCroatian National Bank is the central financial institution and national treasury of eCroatia. The President of eCroatia controlls eCroatian National Bank and for this work he answers to people of eCroatia. All funds in the eCroatian National Bank are owned by people of eCroatia.

Accepted by

Congress of eCroatia; May, 2010

External source

Link to the constitution (In Croatian)