Contract:Agreement for the Independence of Australia

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Contract:Agreement for the Independence of Australia
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.

Agreement for the Independence of Australia is an agreement between Indonesia and Australia about Independence of Australia. After a long time, failed negotiation and the failed Australian Independence War in New South Wales, they finally agreed for independence of Australia.


1. Regions

  • Australia will have New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) for the first ‘round’ (30 day period)
  • . Australia will negotiate the next territories for release 30 days from the release of both NSW and VIC.

2. Guarantee of Indonesian held Non-Aggression Pact (NAP)

  • A. Wars
    • i. Australia will not join an attacking country against Indonesia in the case of a standard war.
    • ii. Australia will not officially* attack Indonesia during a war where Indonesia is the aggressor.
    • iii. Australia will defend Indonesia in the case of a Fight For Freedom (FFF) in Indonesian held Australian territories.
    • iv. Australia will stay neutral in any FFF in a territory owned by Indonesia OTHER THAN an Australian territory.
    • v. Indonesian President must officially request from the Australian Prime Minister, BEFORE official involvement in a war, for Australia to not join the defending side.
    • vi. Alliances will play no part in decisions about Australia's commitment to a war.
    • vii. In all other cases not involving Indonesia, Australia will be free to choose which side to fight for.
  • B. Political Stance
    • i. Australia will join neither ATLANTIS nor PEACE alliances.
    • ii. If there is a FFF in an Indonesian owned Australian region, Australia will denounce support for this movement through a presidential statement.
    • iii. If Australia is to break terms of this contract, it will be accepted world-wide that it will be a disgrace for Australia and thereby accepting of military occupation by any forces without complaint.
    • iv. Australia will have a Mutual Protection Pact with Indonesia and a Mutual Protection pact with United Kingdom
    • v. Australia will negotiate in one month time (from the signing of this contract) for a third and balancing Mutual Protection Pact
    • The government cannot control what actions the population take. Any action taken by citizens will be considered unofficial and officially un-endorsed by the Australian government.

3. Contract

  • This contract is valid for the period of 4 months from signing, at which time Indonesian and Australia representatives must resign or renegotiate the terms of this contract.

4. Economics

  • AUD held in Indonesian accounts is considered belonging to neither Indonesia nor Australia.
  • If this AUD is to be used, both countries presidents must agree to the way and amount it is used.

This Contract was signed.