Contract:Ascension of Greece unto FIST

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Contract for the Ascension of Greece unto FIST
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.

Crest of the Formidable International Security Treaty


By signing this treaty, the Alliance known as the Formidable International Security Treaty ("FIST";) and the Member Nations thereof ("Coalition";) shall be bound by the following terms and conditions:

I. The Coalition shall invoke Article VII of the FIST Treaty to exempt the requirement (in esse, "All of these articles ... may be exempted by a majority rule of the Founding Members") in Article V that unanimous approval shall be required for the Hellenic Republic (in esse, "Any countries wishing to join FIST must be approved unanimously by all Founding Members of the Coalition. ..." ) to join FIST.

II. The Hellenic Republic of Greece shall ascend to the status of full Member of FIST and thus be privy to the privileges and responsibilities set forth in the FIST Treaty as per Article V.

III. As per Article I of the FIST Treaty, all countries active in FIST "must aid any one of its fellow member countries should said country come under attack for any reason. Should the Coalition fend off the attackers, the country that was originally attacked may decide whether or not to attempt to take over the aggressor's country." The wording of this article will grant Greece, as a new Member of the Coalition, the ability to decide whether or not Turkey shall be invaded by the Coalition.

This Contract must be signed by a minimum of three of the following individuals to be considered active and in effect:

selcuk1907, President of Turkey
Senor Schlong, President of Pakistan
President Ahmadi Nejad, President of Iran
Origineel.NL, President of Japan
Pradana, President of Indonesia

To affirm the ascension of the Hellenic Republic of Greece to FIST, this Contract must also be signed by the following individual to be considered active and in effect:

Rathen Holton, President of Greece

This Contract was signed.