Contract:Contract between Germany, Austria, and Hungary

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Contract between Germany, Austria, and Hungary
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.


  1. In order to give military exercise to all concerned the declaration of the war will come from Austria to Germany. The cost of this declaration divided as 70 % from Germany and 30 % from Hungary. As result of this declaration, a separate war will be opened between Hungary and Austria.
  2. Then the German side will advance from region to region, until reaching Burgenland, paying the costs of battles.
  3. Hungary will pay the cost of opening a battle to Burgenland and keep up military training until the German side reaches the border of Burgenland.
  4. When that happens Hungary will finish the military training and give up Burgenland to Germany.
  5. After signing this contract, Hungary will donate the 30% of cost for the declaration of war to Bundesbank, the amount of Icon-gold.gif 81 GOLD. This initial payment from Hungary is to be enforced by admins if necessary without 72 hrs of negligence.
  6. After donating the said amount, Austria will within 24 hours declare war to Germany; the Hungarian congressmen in Austrian congress will vote the law. If Austria do not declare war within 24 hours or the vote will not go through, Austria donates back Icon-gold.gif 81 GOLD to Hungary; in case of negligence admins should enforce this payment. After the declaration of war is voted both parties take the regions according to their plans; the whole military exercise should take a minimum of three days to give enough opportunity to fight.
  7. The contract is signed by all three countries’ presidents, thereby declaring their full agreement and support for the union of Austria and Germany.
  8. The contract is considered fulfilled when all present Austrian regions belong to Germany.


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This Contract was signed on February 28th, 2009.