Contract:Foundation and organization of the FIST

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Contract:Foundation and organization of the FIST
This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.

Crest of the Formidable International Security Treaty



By signing this treaty, the Presidents of Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Japan and Indonesia ("The Founding Members";), representing the will of their citizens and state, do hereby agree to found the Formidable International Security Treaty ("FIST";). This Treaty shall act as an Alliance ("Coalition";) between the four founding countries with the following terms and conditions:

I. All countries active in FIST can and must aid any one of its fellow member countries should said country come under attack for any reason. Should the Coalition fend off the attackers, the country that was originally attacked may decide whether or not to attempt to take over the aggressor's country. Should the defending country decide to attack, it may request further aid of the other members of the Coalition as outlined in Article III.

II. Should any member country decide to invade another country, it may do so without the consent of the other members of FIST. Should a country take action in such a way, the other members of the Coalition are not obligated to assist though are free to do so if they so choose.

III. Should any or all Presidents of the member-states of the Coalition decide to invade another country, any and all conquered countries shall be seen as belonging to the participating Members, with the conquered territories being divided between the participating countries in a manner deemed proportional to their involvement by all of said participating countries, as well as all acquired Gold being divided accordingly.

IV. All members of FIST must agree to dedicate a number (at their discretion but no less than 50 people) of their soldiers to the FIST mercenary division, a separate sub-entity of FIST which may be hired out by any other country in the world regardless of political affiliation unless vetoed by a Founding Member of FIST. Members may also choose to supply Gold to the Mercenary Coffers rather than soldiers, at a rate of 1.5 Gold per Soldier.

  • The FIST Mercenary Division shall by headed by an individual appointed by the country with the most soldiers in the Division and agreed upon by all other participating countries. This individual is in charge with handling all FIST Mercenary contracts and must present all potential contracts to all Members of the treaty at least two days in advance to allow for a Founding Member to enforce their veto privileges.

V. Any countries wishing to join FIST must be approved unanimously by all Founding Members of the Coalition. Once approved, the country shall become a Member of FIST with all the privileges and responsibilities described in this Contract.


  1. Any member of FIST must give a 15 day notice prior to leaving the Coalition. Founding Members must give a 10 day notice.
  2. Any member opting to leave the Coalition must pay a fine not exceeding the sum of Icon-gold.gif 500 GOLD to each Founding Member.

VII. All of these articles are binding but may be exempted by a majority rule of the Founding Members, with the exception of Article VI Section 1 which is irrevocably binding. This contract may be amended should the amendment receive unanimous support by the Founding Members.


This Contracts must be signed by the following individuals to be considered active and in effect:

Pasdar, President of Iran
nevugila, President of Turkey
Falcon, President of Pakistan
blink-az, President of Indonesia
Origineel.NL, President of Japan

This Contract is (c) 2008 Platonic Contractual Services. All rights reserved. Copyright violators can and will be prosecuted with a fine of up to Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD.

This Contract was signed on May 29th, 2008.