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This citizen has been reincarnated as Cookies Crisps

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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth September 4, 2009
Day 654
Date of death March 4, 2011
Day 1198
(2011 eRepublik Rebellion)
Residence Western Serbia
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*

Cookies Crisp was a citizen of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine and Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan.

He travelled the world fighting the soldiers from the EDEN alliance. He spent most of his life in Icon-Russia.png Russia.

He was a faithful Dioist. He believed in the God-Emperor and did as much as he could to spread the word of Dio across the New World.

He had one Q5 weapon and a Q3 iron company but he sold them both.


 Come to the cookie side, we have dark. 
 An abnormally smart and evil cookie ... 
 This be the start of a new age of glory and awesomeness under our communist dictator Cookiez! 
 You are one fu*ked up commie... 
(random troll guy)


Cookies was born on the 4th of September 2009 in Sumadija, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, during the Second World War. Because of the hard economic situation, he moved to Dnipro, Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine, where he decided to remain because of better salaries.

Soon after, Cookies got active in politics.

Discovering Dio

During the PTO of Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine, the economy and salaries started to plummet and enemy troops were everywhere. Cookies feeling that there was no hope for Ukraine, and that all his narcotics and evil learning would fall to unworthy hands, therefore he fled to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. There a friend introduced him to "The Book of Dio". After reading "The Book of Dio", he discovered the awesomeness and greatness of Dio and he converted to Dioism, he worshipped Dio ever since. He continued to spread the word of Dio.

He remained a faithful Dioist looking forward to the day when Dio returns to rule the new world. Cookies often traveled to the holy land of Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan where he walked on the sand of the holly deserts of Punjab. Cookies was amazed when he saw this land for the first time, that was completely pure and not infested by pigs.

Spreading the word of Dio

Cookies got a chance to talk to Dio the holly god-emperor in person, Dio told Cookies that he shouldn't stay in Pakistan, but that he should rather go and spread the word of Dio! Cookies tried to make Dioism an official religion in some countries: Serbia[✓], Ukraine[..], Indonesia[✓], Hungary[✓] and Estonia[..]...

Alas, the new world entered an age of darkness and pigdisgustingness, the people have abandoned the way of Dio and have crumbled to the dark side. Cookies, along with the few remaining, faithful, Dioists, continues to battles the pig disgusting forces under the banner of Dio.

Finding a home

He moved to the Serbian region of Sumadija to help the people of Serbia rebuild the country. He stayed there for a month (Mostly because of better salaries). After that he yet again moved to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia and joined the PKeI party. After the collapse of the Indonesian empire, he left Indonesia and constantly moved across the New World to fight the pig disgusting forces of EDEN. And finally, he settled in Russia where he remained for a long time.

Military achievements

Cookies is an owner of 6 Super solder medals. He was in ABeRI unit, Indonesian elite army, and the Royal Navy but abandoned both armies to fight independently. He was a PeaceKeeper (before PEACE got dissolved). He was also a Carebear. Cookies was strongly against Lana! Though he loved spending time with Napoleon.

Political Career

Cookies got involved in politics at a very young age. After his first month (since he was born) he became the Party president of the Ukraine Communist Party. Cookies entered into diplomacy by becoming an Ambassador. The first time he served as an Ambassador in the Icon-UK.png UK, later in Icon-Brazil.png Brazil, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia and Icon-Australia.png Australia, numerous times from different countries.

He served as a dMinister of Foreign Affairs of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia during Oriana's first term in June 2010. Next month he served as MoFA during Oriana's second term and continued to do so 2 more times. He was the MoD of Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia for one month. He was also the deputy SG of the ALA alliance. He has been a congressmen two times; one time in the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines and the other time in Icon-Serbia.png Serbia. The first party Cookies decided on in Serbia was Ujedinjena eSrbija (UeS) though, after much consideration and observation he decided to change to Stranka Zdravog Razloga (SZR), shortly after he abandoned all political activities. Later he moved to Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand.

Cookies paved the way for the formation of the NWO (ONE) alliance. He was one of the engineers of the alliance, that started out as the infamous Superalliance. After almost succeeding in the first attempt and winning the sympathy of the populations of the involved countries for the idea, he played a vital role in the formation of the alliance that later came to be known as ONE.


Cookies created his first newspaper right after he reached level 8. His Spam and propaganda articles are a favorite among his readers! Cookies often used his paper to spread misinformation among EDEN troops and to spread Propaganda, as well as to mock the countless EDEN fail's. Though sometimes he used his newspaper The Cookie side to advertise his fine Colombian drug's or Spread the word of Dio.


Cookies was an owner of quite a few companies. The first ones he had were one in Liaoning (Iran) and one in Karnataka (Indonesia). But both fell to the Pig Disgusting EDEN troop's so he sold them, and was left without a company. Cookies later decided that he couldn't keep up managing another company so he decided not to start a new one for some time. His main income comes from the companies he works in with very low wellness. He earned gold from the countries he helped to PTO.

He has been involved in numerous PTO'S including: Denmark, Malaysia, Philippines, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Peru and South Africa. He often changes countries trying to find the best pay. After sucking the life out of these countries he decided to once again start up some companies.


Cookies was a passionate commie. He supported the communist movement in Russia, China, Belgium, Spain and Serbia. He declared himself the supreme commander of the communist movement. His dream was to form a supreme Communist Empire, that he would name Cookietania. It would stretch from Vladivostok through London to Hawaii.


Cookies throughout his life remained faithful to Dio, even when it seemed that he is not watching over him. As a reward for his loyalty, Dio gave Cookies the gift of Sand. Cookies could now control sand, and every 2 years, he was capable of creating a creature of life from sand. After seeing in a dream his own death, he used his power to create a new body for him, Cookies Revenge. A few days later his prediction came true, and he was killed in the 2011 eRepublik Rebellion.


During the eRepublik rebellion, Cookies joined the fight against the admin oppressors. After no reaction from the admins was heard, and our demands were not headed. Cookies decided on a suicidal move. Having many connections to the (at that time) eRepublik moderators, he got the password of the presidential part of the forums, which he distributed through Shouts and through numerous chat channels. Soon after, he, like many of his friends and fellow rebel fighters, was banned for fighting for a better life. His last, and most memorable fight, was when he almost took over the Admin palace along with an army of experienced rebel fighters, shortly after the allied invasion of Singapore. Unfortunately, the Admins released the feared Headless Chicken, which left many of his friends dead, and he was badly hurt. He continues to live on through the hearts of his communist followers... and his new account.

The new world knew not such despair as when it's heroes fell to the Chicken of Evil. Many stood up, many fought, many perished, few survived. The eRepublik Rebellion of 2011 is still considered the most massive uprising in the history of the new world, never have so many players, regardless of country or alliance allegiances, stood up together to fight the Admin evil. Such times of unity are all but gone, and shall not appear again until a new, bold, leader takes up arms against the Admin menace and finally lifts our flag above the Admin Palace.


Using his powers, he created a new body for him, since he knew he was going to be killed. Soon after his death, his evil essence relocated to the new body (Cookies Revenge). Cookies to this day fight the admins' through other means. Because of the body change his powers are weaker.


Cookies has the following medals:

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 6x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 12x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 3x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 2x Congress Member