Cordis Die

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Cordis Die

Cordis Die.jpg

Come my friends. 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world!

General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 59
Commanded by TemujinBC
2nd Flashgun
Commanders screamingslave
1st Regiment Captain KIPPERS OF THE MUD

Cordis Die is a military unit based in Canada. Established by two friends whose main goal was creating an elite military unit for protection of Canada.


Estimated that on day 1829 of New World, Cordis Die entered in world on the small door. At the beginning, Cordis Die focused on investing in infrastructure. Running only on private investments from Flashgun and InsaneSkillz, they manage to make Cordis Die self-sufficient meaning it could produce and provide finest supplies for members without need of buying them. With that goal achieved, they set up requirement pretty high for new military unit. But even from than, Cordis Die showed in which direction he want to go: gathering strong soldiers, cream de la cream. Requirements for joining back than was 10,000 strength or more and World Class Force or Higher.

Today, Cordis Die maintains its prestige by having top soldiers fighting for Canada's interests. For contribution, help and awesomeness, their battle rawr Cordis Fk'n Die! become very well known...

On the day of 2789 of New World, after almost 1000 days of leadership, due to RL obligation, Flashgun step down from leading Cordis Die, and give leadership to Rylde.

On the day 3535, it was discovered that TemujinBC was leading the unit.