Corvin-Nemzeti Radikalis Part

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Corvin-Nemzeti Radikalis Part

Party-Corvin-Nemzeti Radikalis Part.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Abbreviation CNRP
Founded August 2009
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Nemzeti Radikalis Part
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian


The history of the CNRP starts with the Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Eng. Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party), which was founded in August 2008. In October Lord Gera takes over the Party, and renames it to Szabadelvu Part (Eng. Liberal Party). In 2009 January, hatasu takes over the party, and the name is changed to Magyar Kommunista Part (Eng. Hungarian Communist Party). In March a Romanian PTO is done in the party, BKLee changes the name to Szolidaritas party, to fake the real Szolidaritas Party, but admins change it. After he leaves, Panzermeyer renames it Ősmagyar Párttá (Eng. Ancient Hungarians Party), then Sturmwher renames it to Koponya Légió (Eng. Skull Legion). The party is renamed then to Nemzeti Radikalis Prat (Eng. National Radical Party), and in 2009 August it merges with a group from the former Corvin Party, and the name changes to the final one, Corvin-Nemzeti Radikalis Part.

The party was an important political force since this merger, and part of the coalition from August 2009 till November 2009. From December 2009 till 2010 February it was not in the government, but in March 2010 gives a president again, Oliverray. His impeachment and the April scandal of Akitlosz causes the prominent members to leave the party, and form NEP, while CNRP falls out of the top 5. In May, Heidar brings back the party renome and membership.