Courant Alternatif

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Courant Alternatif

General Information
Country Flag-France.png France
Abbreviation CA
Founded 3 May 2009
President Artavan
Members 27
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

Courant Alternatif is a political party created by clairobscur as a Center-Libertarian party. Later the orientation was corrected to Center-Right, but in 2014 it was changed to Far-right, Totalitarian. In 2010 party had more than 400 members.


  • May 3 2009 - Following the BabyBoom and the arriving of many players in France, Clairobscur publishes an article calling for the creation of a new party. As a result, the players who didn't find satisfaction in the existing Parties decided to support him.
  • May 12 2009 - The party that has no existence on the website erepublik yet, replaces the PEF which was inactive, following the invitation of its President raja-n1 who agrees to give away to Clairobscur and change the name of the Party.
This merger enabled the Party to reach directly the TOP 5(many members who joined the party to try to prevent the Spanish to make a Takeover at the Presidential of May)and we can enter the elections of the Congress directly, the alternative was to take possession of a party created by the Spanish.
  • May 16 2009 - Clairobscur is officially elected President of the Party with more than 80% of the votes and a participation of nearly 60% in the Party.

Note that the only candidate in front of him, Tokin named, was a totally unknown player from the rest of the Party so far. After trying to hear his reasons it was established, by the active members of the CA since the beginning of its establishment, that Tokin obviously had no desire to help the party but only wanted to take power.

Party President

The list of party presidents can be found in French version of the article.