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God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star

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Dio and Dioism are heavily criticized because the whole culture of Pakistan is based on them. Some Citizens of Pakistan have used this "religion" as an excuse for insulting other people, while some other Citizens attacked Dioism and Dio in order to offend Dioists.

General Criticism

This is a list of criticism issues that appeared:

  1. Dio was banned in December and critics used this to imply that he was a cheater. All charges were dropped.[?]
  2. Some critics claim that Dio does not exist.
  3. Because Dioism articles are written by several authors, there were some uncorrelated facts between the Book of Dio and other Dioism related articles.
  4. Church of the New World and the Church of the One God in Latter Days are movements that appeared as anti-Dioism religions, therefore Churchists and Marmans criticize Dioism regularly.
  5. There are claims that Dioists created their whole culture just for fun and they do not take it seriously.[?]
  6. Some of the content in Dioism is inspired from other games/movies.

The Book of Dio

Early on it's creation, there was controversy if The Book of Dio was of "eRepublik Standards" and that it does not meet the quality listed. It was deleted by Admin several times, before allowing it to stay on forum. After that it was moved by the eRepublik team into the Wiki for a better feedback and update.

The Book's is often disputed by citizens of other countries for it's views of Sweden and Spain and various Citizens. Dioists argue that the book is written for their entertainment and should not be taken seriously, where others say that the book is slanderous/offensive.

Another dispute is that Pakistani treat The Book as a historical account, while others consider it to be biased. Although it does cover certain historic events, The Book is not a portrayal of the History of the New World, because it uses a lot of fictional content to explain Dioists' perspective of past events.

The Circles of Dio

The Circles of Dio has been proven by Aryamehr for being based off of the storyline of Planescape [1]. Dioists, argue that it is not supposed to be a serious work, while Aryamehr states that Dio plagiarized the work.

The Circles is also heavily censored on the Wiki due to it's implication that Swedes are prehistoric tentacled beasts.[?]