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croEDUCA was a project for helping new citizens in Croatia by educating them with tutorials, mentorship, IRC channel[1], donations and other activity.

The program was started due to the fact that the care about newborn in Croatia was not good enough[2].

Unfortunately, the project was shortlived and ended only one month after it was started.

croEDUCA team

Members of project were:

sabljo aka sisha Matko Gljiva
damir1 aka Osam8 gorancro
daria89 Ahileus
ZvonziIsBack Djani

Everybody could participate and help in bringing New World little bit closer to new citizens, so Croatia could become stronger nation. CroEDUCA team could be found on IRC channel #eSkola.

List of articles

Number Date Original title Link and title in English
1 19.01.2012  :: croEDUCA :: Introduction article
2 22.01.2012  :: croEDUCA :: Početni tutorial Basic tutorial
3 27.01.2012  ::croEDUCA:: Novinarski tutorijal Newspaper tutorial
4 08.02.2012  ::croEDUCA:: Politički tutorijal Politics tutorial
5 10.02.2012  ::croEDUCA:: eHRVATI ZAJEDNO eCroatian together


  2. Introduction article