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General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
Abbreviation QLé
Founded June 2012 (est)
Dissolved November 2014 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

Culier was a small party started by former French President Papa Frantz in June 2012 (est). The party didn't manage to record any bigger success in its history.

Papa Frantz decided to declare himself Papa of the Party which was proven to be close to the dictator as he led the party in the next two years without competition in the elections.

Sometime in 2014, party leadership decided to change the orientation and ideology to nothing and declared the party apolitical. In November 2014, the party was transformed into La Cosca.


"POWER, PRIDE, PAPA." This party cular is particular.

Party Presidents

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Logo Name Term
Citizen966.jpg Papa Frantz June 2012 - August 2014 (est)
Unknown Person.jpg InterimoSRB August 16, 2014 - October 2014 (est)
Unknown Person.jpg JohnMcCray October 29, 2014 (detected) - November 2014 (est)