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'Beta-V1' Despite the common belief of Spaniards, traditional middle eastern foods are rarely found in Pakistan. Instead, the Pakistani diet is mostly made up of sand, and sand based products. Pakistan's most widely consumed product is sand. The most common variety is the common sand found in Pakistan's many dunes. However, pure sand is rarely eaten in modern Pakistan. Instead, the sand is processed and treated in a variety of facilities to make it even more delicious, nutritious, and cleaner then before. Despite this, there are still some Pakistani who prefer to eat untreated sand. There is a smaller sand based industry, which focuses mainly on created synthetic sands. This is due to the fact that a small, radical sect of Dioists believe that one day all of the sand in Pakistan will vanish.

The conquered provinces, such as India and China, still enjoy their native foods after being assimilated into Pakistan. Indian chicken, produced from Chicken Tikka Masala - Famous Indian Food, is also a very popular in the entire nation.

V2 and Rising In V2 , US companies were the 99% of ePakistani markets , sandwiches and hotdogs were common .

In rising , Pakistanis started creating their own companies , wages rose and prices went down , Paan and Karahis went famous . Chapli kabab was famous aswell.

V3 Pakistani companies took command of their market , foods and weapons where produced by themselves .

Popular Media

When the New World was first created, Pakistan was the largest producers of media in the world. Nearly every Pakistani citizen owned and operated a personal newspaper. However, the majority of these were closed down, and larger, more popular newspapers emerged. Pakistan got the biggest number of newspapers and biggest number of subscriptions , even articles of noob got more than 30 votes , after that population decreased , and due to erepublik changes the media module got destroyed .


The first, and official, sport of Pakistan is sand worm racing. All Pakistani have participated in a race at some point or another, and many Pakistani citizens flock to the large stadiums built for the races. There are many different leagues for professional sand worm racing, ranging from grade school events all the way to national league competitions.

Other popular sports in Pakistan are competitive gaming. Despite being frowned upon by most Pakistani, the gaming events are widely popular, drawing crowds as large as those for the sand worm racing. Popular "cyber sports" include Starcraft, Super Smash Bros Brawl, All Hail Dio Brando God Emperor of Pakistan.

In v3 , eFIFA worldcup , ePakistan cricket championship were held that entertained people , article competitions are held on daily basis and innovative writers are rewarded .

Literature, Philosophy, Arts

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