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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 29 July 2008 - Day 252
Date of death June 2009
Sex Male
President of Spain
6 December 2008 – 23 December 2008
Preceded by PruDeN
Succeeded by Anonimux
Party president of Bloque Obrero
November 2008 – December 2008
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Cyberber was a citizen of Spain. His death was recorded in June 2009.

He was a member of BO ampliado, a political party in Spain.

He was elected President of Spain and had a chaotic 17 days in office.

Cyberber was elected president by winning with a margin of 100 votes. The campaign was very harsh and polarized, and even foreign countries took positions in favor of one of the sides, especially Portugal from the Plataforma para la Restauración Democrática (PRDE).

From the begining, the fierce opposition of Nueva Espana Liberal and the internal divisions in the Plataforma para la Restauración Democrática (PRDE) made his mandate difficult. From the first weekend that he was on vacation, the opposition to his management was very strong.

Also at the PRDE table, there were those who did not look favorably on the new government ministers (largely appointed "by hand" by Cyberber himself, and the resignations and abandonments followed one another, beginning with that of Bologna abroad, who published a controversial plan to return Campeche. The opposition accused the government of favoring PEACE with its policies.

After the expiration of two pacts that were not approved on time and the loss of the last French province, the opposition intensified, especially between the Phoenix Project and the Workers' Block. Cyberber did not make the changes that the majority of the table required of him, and many chose to stop supporting him.

Finding himself isolated only with the support of Bloque Obrero, his own party, Cyberber resigned and left the New World. Although his management went down in history as a chaotic and convulsive stage, the truth is that the economic situation improved, inflation dropped and policies abandoned for months by the PMV were recovered, such as wellness or housing aid (promoted by the minister of Health and AASS alvoske).

After his resignation, congress voted on his motion of no confidence, and he was replaced by the NEL candidate, Jurgo Evergetes, who respected the PRDE government team and appointed Pepu, from Proyecto Fénix, vice president.

On 23rd of December, Jurgo Evergetes became President of Spain, after an impeachment of elected president, Cyberber.


During his military service, Cyberber has achieved a military rank of Corporal.

THE DAILY BUGLE is the newspaper published by Cyberber.


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