Czech-Slovak Training War

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Czech-Slovak Training War
Date 29 September 2009 –
30 September 2009
Location Slovakia
Result Slovakia Wins
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel

The Czech-Slovak Training War (Officially The Mushroom Wars) is a Training War organised between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The war was organised to provide training and ranking for the citizens of the countries participating. As the Czech Republic is (in game terms) the aggressor, any other country wishing to take part signs an MPP with Slovakia, and can then fight in the defence.


Other than the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the following countries can take part by having an MPP with Slovakia.

Origional Signatries

These were the original signatories to the Contract forming the Mushroom Wars here. The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are considered the founding members, and both the Czech Republic and Slovakia hold veto powers over several points in the treaty.

Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia
Icon-Poland.png Poland
Icon-Spain.png Spain
Icon-Romania.png Romania
Icon-Greece.png Greece
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova

Joined Later

According to Article Six of the Treaty, any country can join the War Games if accepted by the War council.

6. Joining Countries Procedure:
a) Any country wishing to join training war must be accepted by War Council by absolute majority. Slovakia and Czech Republic retain the right to veto any country from joining the war.
b) Country accepted by War Council must sign appropriate contract with circumstantial details included with three representatives of founding countries - presidents of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
c) Country joining the training war has the right to one vote in War Council

These nations have since joined the War Games.

Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea
Icon-Finland.png Finland
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden
Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland
Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
Icon-Canada.png Canada
Icon-Israel.png Israel

War Details

The Czech Republic, through its border in Moravia, attacks one of its neighbouring Slovakian regions; Western Slovakia or Central Slovakia. The countries involved can then fight and train as if it was a real war. Once the 24 hours are up, Slovakia secures the battle.