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Czech Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)

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General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Abbreviation CCP-ML
Website website
Newspaper CCP-ML
Organization CCP-ML
Forum forum
Colors White and Red
Founded 19 August 2010
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Czech Solidarity Movement
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

Czech Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) was the largest and most influenced party of Czech Republic.

Foundation Declaration

Czech Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) has been founded by the CSP militants, when they felt that CSP was starting to corrupt. The party was established with the slogan of "Step by step, to socialism!", symbolizing the need for the state to take the needed steps to establish socialism in eCzech Republic. The party was founded by Utku Akin, Joseph Kalinin and Dr. Skin.

Because the party is so young, the members of the party are willing to work with the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Here is the declaration of the Politburo about the establishment:

In our road to establishment of socialism, we announce our establishment of a new party, Czech Communist Party - Marxist-Leninist. Many questions will come up. Many people will raise their hands and say the communist movement is splitting up. It is not exactly true. Czech Communist Party - Marxist-Leninist, is and will be willing to work with CSP in every subject, if our demands will not be despised.

Why did we establish CCP-ML?

Because we think that the leadership of the CSP is not capable of bringing the socialist revolution to the next step. We think that there is so little done by the leadership of the party and government. We are sad to see enemies of the working class getting stronger in the party. We are sad to see the party is willing to do little about the working class. We see talks but not actions.

These are the reasons CCP-ML will work to get the lead in the revolution. CCP-ML is the leading party of the working class. Working class of Bohemia and Moravia is the real force in this revolution and politicians are nothing. We know that. That is the reason our party's work will be focused on the direct democracy. This is the reason we will work for the people not for bureaucracy or ourselves.

Join CCP - ML!

Join today to take a huge step towards socialism!

Party Program

1. Economic Structure

- CCP-ML sees owning property in production areas as the main reason for inequality in a society, and advocates economic plans in order to lessen the inequality in the society.

- As a socialist organization within itself, leadership of CCP-ML organizes and operates state companies, advocating equality between every single worker in the state organizations.

- Companies excluded from state organizations are supported if it is beneficial to the state's current situation. But in situations that private organizations lack to offer products in world market prices, state can interfere with the market.

- State is organized according to the work force and the natural resources of the country for industrialization and development. According to this principle, central treasury may invest in the areas that is necessary for the country.

- After the necessary amount of money is spared for the development of the collectivist organizations, rest of the total value from the production is shared between the workers.

- Assuming that the private organizations would not employ 0 skilled workers, state companies are always obliged to have 0 skill job offers, and state provides food for beginners.

- In order to lessen the importance of the liberal market, CCP-ML sees the tax policy critical. Taxes must be raised in order to lessen importance. However, if the state does not have a company in a specific market, the private ownership will be tempted.

2. Political Structure

- Leadership of the country is organized as a direct democracy.

- CCP-ML secures the democratic rights of every social or political ideology and opinion, and CCP-ML creates such political organs in order to satisfy democratic needs of the people.

- CCP-ML defends that every single citizen has the right to work, eat, own a house and acquire guns for wars. The state is obliged to meet such demands.

- All of the state officials shall be informed about the state's affairs regularly by media. Organizations are/will be created in order to satisfy this issue.

- Everyone is equal in eCzech Republic regardless of their race or ethnicity. CCP-ML leadership takes cautions not to let any kind of racist, chauvinist and oppressive actions, unlike the previous capitalist regimes of Czech Republic.

- CCP-ML is in aware of that every single newbie in eRepublik needs a teacher, and CCP-ML is responsible to welcome the newcomers. 3. Basic Liberties

- CCP-ML supports and values basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, and regards freedom of expression and propaganda and union rights as indispensable.

- It is the duty of all CCP-ML members to stand against any idea that would undermine the liberties of people and hinder economic and democratic development of the country.

- Discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality will not be tolerated.

4. Fundamental Goals

- The fundamental objective of CCP-ML is the organization of a democratic e-Czech Republic.

- The creation of an e-Czech Republic where all citizens of all ethnicity live together peacefully is among the primary goals of CCP-ML.

- CCP-ML will base its policies on the principle to achieve a socialist and democratic e-Czech Republic and will propagate its doctrine accordingly.

- CCP-ML will not hesitate to use all available resources to create a country of equality, liberty and democracy

Party Structure

As a Communist Party, CCP-ML believes in the collective leadership. But of course, there is a hierarchy in the party.

At the top of the hierarchy, there is politburo.

Under Politburo there is Central Committee, consisting of the committees members that our party has.

At the bottom of the hierarchy, there is the Party Congress. Even if it is at the bottom of the hierarchy, Party Congress has the right to veto a move that Politburo decided on.


  • Propaganda Strategy Committee
  • Foreign Affairs Strategy Committee
  • Military Strategy Committee
  • Economy Strategy Committee
  • Legislative Strategy Committee
  • Education Strategy Committee

Last known Leadership

Party Structure

Politburo Member - Party President
joseph kalinin
Citizen1548736 v3.jpg
Politburo Member
Utku Akin
Politburo Member
Gurer Mut

Propaganda Strategy Committee Foreign Affairs Strategy Committee Military Strategy Committee Economy Strategy Committee Legislative Strategy Committee Education Strategy Committee Immigration Strategy Committee


The members of the party come from the leading party of the Czech revolution, Czech Socialist Party, mainly. During the party president elections, Utku Akin, candidate from anti-communist, anti-revolutionary party and with organization and coordination, he won the elections. A legal take-over, to ensure the survival of socialism in eCzech Republic, started the journey of Czech Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist).

At first, the party's name was Stalinist Party. It was a reaction to the anti-communists. Following the split in CSP, the politburo of CCP-ML, decided to establish an actual, legitimate party.

The party has 5 congressmen in the eCzech Congress and the members of the party serve the government in different positions.

Term Party President
August-September Utku Akin
September-October joseph kalinin
Historical elections performance
Month Seats won Seats available Percentage Congress members
August 2010 5 12 41% Utku Akin, Mustafa Suphi, coyotik, Sharlken, castlewarder

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