Czech Hospital scandal

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SO - Czech OS Q1's (former owner of Czech Hospital company) avatar

"Czech Hospital" scandal (also, rarely called Czechgate) was a political scandal in Thailand in late October and early November 2008, when president Rockman 9 (of Thai Nation Together party) proposed buying a Q1 hospital for 99 999 THB (83% of national treasury), despite claiming earlier he had an offer of buying a Q4 hospital for 10 000 THB. He also blackmailed the opposition, saying he would turn down the offer if they would fulfill his demands. Some of the money the "Czech Hospital" company received was refunded and given to key TNT people and some of their companies.

Conditions prior to the scandal

The October 25 congress elections were once again won by Thai Nation Together, although this time, due to a bug, they secured two thirds of the congress seats. In fact, they received only 31 percent of votes, while Thailand Reform Party scored more than a half of votes but got only one fifth of seats. Several TNT members started mocking the opposition but still claimed the elections were fair.

Rockman 9 survived two impeachment votes, that created some tension between Major parties, with the second ending a day before the hospital proposal started. Because Rockman 9 was supported by TNT, he was almost impossible to impeach. To impeach the president, two thirds of positive votes are needed, however, all of the opposition parties had only one third all together.

Local reception

This decision was denounced by many opposition parties immediately. The congress decision was affirmative, with 16 congresspeople voting for and 11 voting against buying the hospital. Initial reaction from the opposition was to choose a single candidate for president. The election later turned out to be a two man race: incumbent Rockman 9 versus six-party backed Jack Roberts of Sabai Unity Party. Rockman continued to mock his opponents and, as found out later, on October 24 he sent threats to the president of Pakistan, requesting to liberate China. He refused to take this seriously and didn't respond with an invasion.

Most of the TNT were real-life Brazilians and a lot of their conversations were held in the "" forum. Another ethnic Brazilian, Cavalcanti (of TRP), translated some of these conversations and published them in his newspaper. His sexual orientation (as well as other delicate topics) were later questioned in the forum. Shortly before the presidential election Rockman started calling himself "the Emperor" and even briefly renamed his newspaper "Emperor Rockman". After the election he announced he now has a daughter and won't have that much time to play, explaining his actions as roleplay and claiming that "someone has to be the evil character".

Also, for some time the opposition compiled a whitelist consisting of companies not affiliated with TNT.

Global reception

Topics about the scandal were very discussed in the forums. Also, several articles about it were written outside Thailand.

Effect on economy

Due to a Bug no money was taken from eThailand Treasure, but the scandal still made some negative things in eThailand economy. The owner of the Hospital Company wasn´t banned, but starved to death.