Czech Republic Armed Forces

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Czech Republic Armed Forces

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General Information
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic

The Czech Republic Armed Forces comprised of the organized national army of the Czech Republic. The forces were divided into three military branches: the Training Camp, the Army and the Elite Unit. All three branches are separated by requirements in strength and rank (damage) of soldiers. The entire military with all three branches was led by Minister of Defense madwolfa and his assistant Gertrude Groan, under command of Country President Vit Ruzicka.

Recruitment Requirements

Branch Strength Damage
Training Camp Any No Minimum
Army 5+ 1500
Elite Unit 10+ 20000


Training Camp

Czech Training Camp.jpg

Led by Colonel Vit Ruzicka and Captain Wabia, the Training Camp is for new soldiers that are still new to the game, to learn how to fight, heal and the basics of war module. Recruits go through a process of learning the basics of combat while they advance in strength level and damage needed to be transferred to the Army. This unit is not mobile and is used for recruit training and home defense.


Czech Mobile Army.jpg

Led by Field Marshal Gertrude Groan, and Field Marshal Red_Baxter, the Army is for soldiers that went through Training Camp or meet the requirements already. It gathers mid-strength players and is the biggest unit. Soldiers of the Army participate in battles from the home country, thanks to MPPs, or fight abroad if the country is safe of attacks. The army can be mobilized on the President's demand, but its main purpose is the home defense.

Elite Unit - 601st

Czech Elite Unit.jpg

Led by Field Marshal the blasphemer, the Elite Unit is for soldiers that went through the Army or meet the requirements already. Elite Unit is used to defend the country like all other units if there is a need for that, it gathers high strength players, and is the smallest unit. This unit is mobilized on the President's demand, and its main purpose is to help allies in combat abroad. The official nickname of this unit is 601st.

Military History

The Czech Republic in traditionally a Neutral nation, and has never been part of the large global alliances. Historically it was involved in the Slovakia-Czech Republic War (where it annexed Slovakia) and the Hungary-Czech Republic War (where it lost Slovakia to Hungary). Note that in both cases, the Czech Republic was the defender.

Due to the unstable nature of Central Europe, the Czech Republic has traditionally looked for MPPs with large foreign powers, for protection and training. These have included the United States of America, Poland and Hungary. The USA has been the longest ally of the Czech Republic, and the friendship between the two nations was shown during the PEACE invasion of North America where, through its MPP, the Czech forces could fight in defence.

The Czech Republic was involved in half of the Czech-Slovak Training War, involving many European and EDEN nations.

Former Officers

  • General William Sussman, Commanding Officer of Army from 6th October 2009 - 25 November 2009 (Honorable Discharge)
  • Field Marshal the blasphemer, Commanding Officer of 601st Elite Unit and Minister of Defense in 2 terms (Honorable Discharge)