Czech Socialist Party

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Czech Socialist Party

Party-Czech Socialist Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Abbreviation CSP
Organization CSP Info
Forum Forum
Colors Red
Founded February, 2010
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Svoboda
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Czech Socialist Party (CSP) was the largest party in the Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic.

Formed in February 2010, it has Socialists ideals in terms of economy and politics.

Many of its members had fought for the Czech Independence because they do believe in a free State, contrasting the desire of some of the Slovaks who want to create a unified state called Czechoslovakia.

Structure of the party

Party structure was based on Soviet direct democracy system with a little more centralized orientation, as there is no such massive movement which would lead us to Soviet direct democracy system.

Structure of the Czech Socialist Party (CSP) was simple but good organized.

The main person of CSP was Chairman. Chairman is part of the Politburo but has a stronger voice than other people in Politburo. Also, Chairman could be removed by Central Committee if there is 75% approval. Chairman was elected once every month. Chairman had an important role in the party because his ideas could have been realized through Politburo, Central Committee and finally through the whole party.

The main body of CSP was Politburo. Politburo was the administrative body of CSP and is responsible for actions which CSP make. Politburo was directly elected by the Central Committee of CSP. It consisted of commissars who were responsible for each party activity such as: propaganda, communes, military etc. Each commissar had the choice to choose members from the Central Committee to help him in the realization of the project but it was recommended for commissars to involve as many as possible members of Central Committee. Politburo has mandate until Central Committee decided otherwise. Central Committee was direct democratic body of CSP which consisted of all active members who wanted to work with the party and improve the socialism in the Czech Republic. Central Committee decided who would join Politburo and who would leave it. 75% of votes was needed to remove a member of Politburo.

Party structure bodies of CSP

  • Politburo (3-5 commissars)
  • Central Committee (all party members)

Last known party structure was:

  • Politburo: Aldameldo, Simonov, Gaj Julije Cezar Oktavijan August, Feffo
  • Chairman: Mr. Pollo

Military of party proletariat

Czech Socialist Party had its own military called Czech People's Militia. Czech Socialist Party had to improve work in the Czech Republic and after few attacks and threats from Slovakia, Czech Socialist Party organized a mass military movement of workers. Czech People's Militia has been created.

Czech People's Militia was controlled by Military commissar which was part of Politburo. He was not the superior commander of the militia but he was most responsible and had the final word in the militia. Order actions to militiamen must have been allowed by the Politburo.