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Flag of Czechoslovakia   Coat of Arms of Czechoslovakia

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Language Czech, Slovak, English
Population ~400 (in 2011)

Czechoslovakia, officially the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, was a federal republic of Czech Republic and Slovakia under Slovak flag. It existed from January 8th 2011 (eDay 1144) to February 22nd 2012 (eDay 1555).


Czechoslovakia was a federal republic. Several rules were established when the federation was created. "The Principle of Rotation" states that if the former president was from Slovakia, the following one has to be from the Czech Republic and vice versa. Also, the Vice president was supposed to be always of opposite nationality than the President. Ministries and functions were supposed to be ideally divided in a 50:50 ratio. Czech core regions shall be loaned only with the agreement of Czechs. For Congress elections, only Czechs were supposed to candidate in Czech regions, assuring equal division of congress members (the old voting system was still in place). Most of these rules were gradually abandoned, and by the end of the summer of 2011, none of these rules was in use anymore.



After several meetings[1] [2] the Czechs and Slovaks decided to become a united nation, under the Slovak flag. The deal was sealed on January 4th 2011 (Day 1140) by the president of the Czech Republic Vladislav Baloun and president of Slovakia Burko Burian [3] after a referendum. To guarantee the rights of both sides, The transformation treaty was established as the legal constitution. The second Czechoslovak Republic was officially founded on January 8th 2011 (Day 1144) after the first Czechoslovak president was elected.[4]. Czechs began to request (Czecho)Slovak citizenship, thus moving into the Federation. Due to the limited number of available citizenship passes per month, the moving finished finally on February 26th with a total of about 100 citizenships granted.

Original regions of the Federation included: Northern Bohemia, Southern Bohemia, Moravia, Bratislava, Western Slovakia, Central Slovakia, Eastern Slovakia + also Lower Austria (conquered from Austria by Slovakia).

Golden age of the Federation

Treaty with Slovenia - February/March 2011

Southern Bohemia and Lower Austria were rented to Slovenia for 2 months via a treaty signed by president Jan Parma at the end of February.[5][6] The treaty remained valid during March 2011 when president Nerux ruled.

Central European Friendship Pact - April 2011

President MrFahrenheit signed the CEFP at the end of April, which was supposed to give Czechoslovakia access to the Aluminum bonus in Styria.[7]

 In the interests of regional cooperation and friendship, the nations of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria agreed to the following terms for renting the Austrian regions of Burgenland and Styria.[8] 

Southern Bohemia also returned to Czechoslovakia since the lease to Slovenia has ended.

Conquest of Austria - May 2011

During his term, president 4fakir conquered whole Austria (except for Styria which belonged to allied Slovenia). The conquest finished on May 15th and on May 19th Czechoslovakia also gained Subcarpathia, thus making the Federation the biggest in its history with a total of 15 regions. Unfortunately, at the end of 4fakir's term situation changed and Czechoslovakia had to leave most of the Austrian regions to allied Hungary, including the Austrian regions with Aluminum.

Conquest of Germany - June 2011

Soon after his election, president fwdre started "Operation Bratwurst & Sauerkraut" with the goal of gaining the much needed Aluminum bonus which Czechoslovakia was missing. This resulted in Czechoslovakia successfully conquering Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse from Germany [9]. Unfortunately, Hungary once again forced its way and forced Czechoslovakia to abandon the German regions at the beginning of July 2011, because Hungary "needed a route to the west".

July - December

Multiple wars, gaining and losing different regions. [information missing]

BabyBoom efforts in NB and the Rise of separatist movement

The population of Czechs in the Federation was steadily decreasing due to the fact the Federation was under Slovak flag and few to no new Czechs lived long enough to come to Czechoslovakia. In an attempt to fix this, a new plan for the baby boom in Northern Bohemia rose in November 2011[10]. Northern Bohemia was to be freed and serve as a baby boom incubator where newly born Czechs would be gathered and taught about the fact there is a Federation and then given Slovak citizenship to move to Czechoslovakia. One of the people who coordinated things in NB was Vladislav Baloun, partially via a series of articles from the Czech Ministry of Population organization under the pseudonym "Secret Friend"[11]. (Un?)fortunately, the baby boom plan didn't go as originally planned by the federal government. The number of Czechs in Northern Bohemia (Czech Republic) was increasing, but almost none of them moved to Czechoslovakia. This was because Vladislav Baloun began a "separatist" movement in NB, portraying the Federation as a bane of Czechs, being not a true federation but only "Big Slovakia" where Czechs are oppressed, one example is his article "Facts and myths of the Federation”[12] from January 11th 2012.

The number of "Czech separatists" were steadily growing. Flamewars in media between new Czechs from NB and Slovaks and some Czechs from the Federation became very frequent.

The End - Dissolution of the Federation - February 2012

This finally escalated into the declaration of “National referendum about the future of Czechoslovakia”[13] by Federation president (real-life Czech and pro-federalist) Tomas Jelinek on the evening of February 18th 2012 (The referendum was following the rules of the federation treaty, which said, that to dissolve the federation a minimum of 2/3 of either RL Czechs or RL Slovaks must vote in favor of it). ProFederalists (both Slovak and Czech) were confident that this would only reinforce the legitimacy of Czechoslovakia. After a lot of Czech separatists complained (and Vladislav Baloun even published his own “True Referendum”[14]), the level 27+ requirement was removed the next morning, which then again caused complains, this time from some Slovaks.

On February 22nd 2012, Day 1555, it was clear, the Federation was officially dissolved[15]. The overwhelming majority of RL Czechs who participated in the referendum wished to dissolve the Federation and become independent. This caused an immediate uproar among a lot of Slovaks, both towards the Federation President Tomas Jelinek and the Czech "separatists"[16][17]. This hateful raging attitude and threats of “turning federation into occupation” of many Slovaks made it clear to many previously pro-federalist Czechs (including Tomas Jelinek), that dissolution was the right choice and the federation had to end. Separation of the Czech Republic began right after the referendum results. One region was freed just in time for the Congress elections[18], with others following soon after. Most Czechs quickly returned to the Czech Republic with only a few individuals staying in Slovakia. In 2013 there were only 3 RL Czechs known to be citizens of Slovakia.

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