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Flag of DWARF
Map of DWARF
Formation January 01, 2021
(Day 4791 of the New World)
Secretary-General Icon-Cyprus.png Nostrum1914
Members 2

Deployable Weaponized Active Resistance Forces (abbr. DWARF) is an alliance that aims to gather around smaller communities of eRepublik together, assisting each other in defending against larger aggressors.


On January 1st 2021 (Day 4791 of the New World) DWARF was founded by Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus and Icon-Georgia.png Georgia (country).


Member countries (pink)

Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro

Alliance Leadership (HQ)

January 2021 HQ
Position Citizen
Secretary General (SG) Icon-Cyprus.png Nostrum1914
Supreme Commander (SC) Icon-Georgia.png Kk1boRg...
Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SoFA) Icon-Cyprus.png Nostrum1914
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs (dSoFA) Icon-Cyprus.png Mich3lAngel0


DWARF does not have a treaty establishing the alliance or an official charter. This is caused by the mutual belief of the founding members that written rules or charters of alliances have no relation to game mechanics, thus declaring rules for an alliance is not a necessity, due to the nature of enforcement problems of such rules. DWARF establishes rules for internal affairs as it proceeds and trusts its members to follow its guidelines, as it aspires to build an everlasting brotherhood.

Prospect members can approach DWARF HQ members for membership, or they may receive an invitation to join the alliance from DWARF HQ. Their membership status is decided by the representatives of the member countries.

DWARF strives for the well-being of smaller nations, and aspires to be a safe haven for all small communities.