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Dead citizen

Dady jabery17

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Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
National rank 37
Date of birth 27.07.2008 - Day 250
Residence Razavi Khorasan
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

dady_jabery17 is a citizen of Iran.

Early Life

dady_jabery17 was born Jul 27, 2008 and started to work in food industry.


He became the candidate for be mayor of Gorgan but he was a failure. second time he tried for his home city, Mashhad and still a failure.

From the 1st of October he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran with Mojtabaw Presidency and as Mojtabaw presidency finished, he finished his jobs.

After no such a important activity, he won in Party president election in Iran EMINENET but after some talks to the other friend, he resigned and let the Arshiamoj become the party president.

after a while he decided to leave the game, and he did.

After he said goodbye, and override his user to a friend.

His user traveled to other countries!!

Again Dady came back and he became the Country president candidate. he became the 3rd in the election result with 88 votes. after that, for 2 government he was the minister of Advertising for eIran and he was Successful in it, in his time... eIran population became 3500 and when he started his work the iran population was 2500.

After becoming minister, he elected for eIran Congress and he won again the Party President...!

Now he is in eIran Congress and still doing his jobs...!