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Dean Michaely

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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth April 22, 2010
Day 884
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence Flag-Israel.jpg Beersheba South District
Sex Male
Newspaper The Hebrew's Hammer.jpg The Hebrew's Hammer
originally known as ha'aretz
Vice Minister of Development (Interior) of Israel
May, 2010 – July, 2010
Congress member of Israel
June 5, 2010 – July 5, 2010
Vice Party President of Sababa Party
June 15, 2010 – July 15, 2010
Served under Shlomi_BS
Chairman of Immigrants Committee of Israel
June 15, 2010 – July 15, 2010
Congress member of Israel
July 5, 2010 – August 5, 2010
Vice party president of Shalom Party
July 15, 2010 – August 15, 2010
Served under Perfect.Knight
Vice president of Israel
July 05, 2010 – August 05, 2010
Served under Franz Kafka
President of Israel
August 05, 2010 – September 06, 2010
Preceded by Franz Kafka
Succeeded by Aeroner
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dean Michaely Hebrew: דין מיכאלי (born on 22 April 2010 - lived til 2012) was Israeli politician. He lived in Icon-Israel.png Beersheba South District, Israel. He was President of Israel.

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Biography

Dean Michaely started to play eRepublik on day 884 of the new world. After meeting friends and getting into politics, matanb was his guide and best friend, he helped him to help the country by explaining the game to him and meeting him with Shlomi_BS who was the Minister of Interior at the time, which was then called Development Ministry.

After working one month as the Interior Minister, Dean ran for Congress in Beersheba and won with most votes. He then managed the elections of Sababa party, which had the most Congress Members then.

After elected he received the position of Chairman of the Immigrants Committee, which he founded with the approval of the Knesset Chairman at that time, Gavin Wax.

At next elections, he's been picked as Vice Manager for the Knesset election since he was away.

At the Presidential election, Dean has been picked to be VP of Franz Kafka and co-operate with him during the presidential term. After Franz Kafka won the election, Dean was the VP and made history as long with his best buddy Perfect.Knight.

Making History

PK as MoFA and Dean as VP have signed a financial peace with Turkey which was a historical move since the war and fighting history between both countries. The peace gave stability to Israel so it can be rebuilt at version two.

Making Unity

The keyword is unity, before the election for presidential at 5th August, Dean united the all parties of Israel to support him; Shalom party, United Zionist party and United Israeli Independents Party.
Those three parties supported him to run for president which was an unbelievable situation since there was always a tension between UZP and Shalom, and between RL Israelis and RL Americans - Dean has made the biggest step for unity then.
Side note: Robbie Lizzini was matched up with Dean at the election just to make sure that there would be a replacement if there was an impeachment situation.

Term as president August 2010

Dean's cabinet was matan9010 as Vice president, Perfect.Knight as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aeroner as Minister of Defence, Zaib Atsu as Minister of Finance, Ohad Sella as Minister of Interior, matanb as Minister of the Kibbutz and Sam Krakower as Minister of the Press; also, yuvy15 was the State Controller at his term.
Dean donated more then Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD and 2000 NIS to the state, including supply Croatia when it was at PTO, to renew the USA MPP - twice, and to buy Defence System company for Israel to get the country forward.

Hebrew Wikipedia? well, dreams do come true. Dean managed a project of translating Wikipedia into Hebrew and it's all going on those days and about to get ready.

Israel First

Israel First is the party in Israel which was founded by several leaders of the Israeli society, one of then was Dean Michaely. It was rebuilt from the ruins of the great Sababa party and the Shalom party and several of leaders from the UZP.
The party represent Israel as a place for everyone who loves Israel and thinks the best of their country.

September Term as Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dean was MoFA of Israel and have done great progress into the EDEN alliance and moved Israel forward to a better future.

Icon skill harvester.png Skills

Economical Skills

Economy skill.png 8 Master

Military Skills

Icon skill rifle.png
Rising Military Skill (Rifle)
1 Greenhorn (0/40)
Icon skill tank.png
Rising Military Skill (Tank)
7 Expert (36089/40000)
Icon skill artillery.png
Rising Military Skill (Artillery)
4 Marksman (3332/4000)
Icon skill airunit.png
Rising Military Skill (Air unit)
7 Expert (24769/40000)

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Political positions

Icon Position Country Party Term
Icon - Congress.jpg Congress member Icon-Israel.png Sababa May-June 2010
Icon position party president.gif Vice party president Icon-Israel.png Sababa May-June 2010
Icon - Congress.jpg Congress member Icon-Israel.png Shalom June-July 2010
Icon position party president.gif Vice party president Icon-Israel.png Shalom June-July 2010
Icon position country president.gif Vice president Icon-Israel.png Shalom July-August 2010
Icon position country president.gif President Icon-Israel.png Israel First August-September 2010


Israel Defense Systems logo

On August 19, 2010, Dean Michaely bought together with Perfect.Knight and the state accounts Israel Defense Systems, a Q3 Defense system company to supply and help the Israeli Government and state for better future.


Dean Michaely owned several businesses with his partner, matanb. Most of them were in the USA and Israel.

Name of Company Quality Product Country Extra Licences
Riflesssssssss Q1 Rifle Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Canada.png Canada
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Icon-Russia.png Russia
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
Food Q4 #1 - eKibbutz Q4 Food Icon-Israel.png Israel Icon-Turkey.png Turkey
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand
Oil #1 - eKibbutz Q1 Oil Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Colombia.png Colombia
Icon-Israel.png Israel
Artillery Q2 #1 - eKibbutz Q2 Artillery Icon-Israel.png Israel
Houses Q2 #1 - eKibbutz Q2 House Icon-Israel.png Israel
Aircraft Q1 #2 - eKibbutz Q1 Air unit Icon-Israel.png Israel


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x3)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x3)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x2)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x2)

Government offices
Preceded by
Franz Kafka
13th President of Israel
August, 5 2010 - September, 5 2010
Succeeded by