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Defence shield is a wall that an attacker must breach in order to stand a chance of winning the battle. They absorb a certain amount of damage, based on their quality. Defence shields were introduced on day 2093 (13 August 2013), after the National shield tournament.

They were given to countries as a reward for the National shield tournament, Epic warfare tournament, National shield tournament (II) and Epic warfare tournament (II).

Quality of the shield

You can check how much shield damage is remaining on the military info page of the country. In this case, Malaysia has 10,000,000,000 damage left.

Defence Shields were awarded to the countries who participated in the national tournaments based on their position in the rankings:

  • Places 1–10: Quality 7 Defence Shield (10 billion damage)
  • Places 11–20: Quality 6 Defence Shield (8 billion damage)
  • Places 21–30: Quality 5 Defence Shield (6 billion damage)
  • Places 31–40: Quality 4 Defence Shield (4 billion damage)
  • Places 41–50: Quality 3 Defence Shield (3 billion damage)
  • Places 51–60: Quality 2 Defence Shield (2 billion damage)
  • Places 61–70: Quality 1 Defence Shield (1 billion damage)

How it works

  • The shield is automatically activated when a region is attacked (either through a campaign or Resistance War) that region will receive a defensive bonus consisting of damage points.
  • The granted amount of damage points (Shield Bonus) is calculated by dividing the available Defence Shield Capacity by the number of regions in the country at the moment of the attack.
  • The resulted Shield Bonus is always divided equally among the first 5 battles
  • The Shield Bonus for each battle is finally divided between the divisions as follows:
Division Percentage
Icon division 1 blue.png 5%
Icon division 2 blue.png 10%
Icon division 3 blue.png 15%
Icon division 4 blue.png 70%
  • The same resulted damage will be added to the influence bar of each of the 5 battles (battle rounds not the whole campaign).


Country A has a Q7 Defence Shield and 10 regions. It has been attacked several times and out of the original 10 billion damage, only 5 billion remain in the Defence Shield. An attacked region will receive 5 billion / 10 = 0.5 billion damage of shield capacity. Each of the first 5 battles will receive 0.5 billion / 5 = 100 million shielded damage. Division 4 will receive 70% x 100 million = 70 million damage. Therefore the first 5 battles in Division 4 will start with 70 million damage in favour of Country A. Division 3 will start with 15 million damage, Division 2 with 10 million and Division 1 with 5 million.

In this battle, Estonia has 38,400,000 shield bonus, which means that Finland has to deal that much damage just to be even.
  • If the attacker deals during a battle less than the Shield Bonus, the remaining shield capacity will be reported to a designated fund.
  • In the 6th battle, the damage from the designated fund is used. The damage is divided again between the divisions based on the previously stated percentages: D1 - 5%, D2 - 10%, D3 - 15% and D4 - 70%
  • This process continues until all shield capacity has been used.
  • If by extreme circumstances there is Shield Bonus left at the end of the campaign, then the unused damage is reported back and will be used to counter future attacks
  • The National Shield is not attached to any region, it is attached to the country. This means that a region can receive Shield Bonus an unlimited number of times as long as the National Shield Capacity is not empty.

Visual Representation

  • The Defence Shield will be displayed in the Military tab of each country, below the “Natural Enemy” section
  • In battles where a Defence Shield is active, an icon will display the amount of shielded damage.

Other Information

  • The Defence Shields will be granted to each country within one day after the tournament has ended
  • If a country is completely conquered it will still receive a Defence Shield. It will be used as soon as that country has liberated one region and is attacked.
  • If a country already has an active Defence Shield, the capacity of the new shield will be cumulated with the old one.

Example: Country A still has 4 billion damage left in their Defence Shield and wins a new Quality 5 Defence Shield. The new 6 billion damage will be added to the existing 4 billion, making a total of 10 billion damage. This will mean the current Defence Shield will become a Quality 7. Note: In some cases, the cumulated shield capacity could exceed 10 billion damage. The result will still be a Q7 Defence Shield, but one that has over 10 billion damage capacity (no damage will be lost).

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