Dem. Anarcho-Socialism Party

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Dem. Anarcho-Socialism Party

Anarchomarxism copy.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation DAS
Founded November 2008
Dissolved N/a
President Ryan Dagari
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Universal Left
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

The Democratic Anarcho-Socialist Party was a South African political party designed for the full extent and voice of the people to be heard. It was derived from the Democratic Anarchy, which is another name for direct democracy, and encompassing the limited government in control of the economy, valuing socialism with an equal reward for labor.

It employs the thought of direct democracy, whereas any and all citizens have the right to propose a resolution or change, and then any and all citizens may vote on it. It allows the absolute largest form of freedom within the country, and if a resolution is resolved to be successful, it will be passed through congress.

Be aware in this system congress is considered a minor factor, the people come up with and vote on the laws while congress actually puts them into action.


The Democratic Anarcho-Socialism party was first introduced as an economic plan under the idea of Democratic Communism by Ryan Dagari on the SAIL forum. He was attempting to promote a nationalized economic sector for gifts, while also striving to allow the people to have more control over their government.

After several weeks of pleading for donations, Ryan Dagari reached Icon-gold.gif 37 GOLD in his account when he decided he would just commandeer an inactive party and rename it rather than start a new one. The result was the Dem. (Democratic) Anarcho-Socialism party, and Ryan Dagari has remained its leader.


In November the DAS was born of the ashes of the destroyed democratic party, does not enter congress due to the Admin's banning party leader. In December the DAS begins to strive for the nationalization of the gift sector, while public 'red fear' still keeps it from processing.

The view of the economy

The DAS strongly pushes for a governmental controlled economy, as to prevent mass recession, and to promote good, continued production. A system where every job gives the same salary for different levels will make sure people choose the path they want, not the one with the biggest amount of money.

No, anarcho-socialism lets the worker choose the workforce he wants to learn his skill into, we don't place them there. Deus said that we did somewhere, no idea why he said that... In the perfect nationalized society, people make more money than they ever would with a company, with balanced wages through-out the economy, allowing the player to work where he wants, not where the highest wage is.

Now comes the Socialism part of the DAS (Democratic Anarcho-Socialism) plan. This part has a lot of red fear, controversy, and unwillingness to even try in short term tests. It is the belief of many that co-operatives in the economy can fix things. This just takes them a step further.

Socialism in eRepublik is very limited, you can only do so much. What I should make clear to everyone right now, is that you will never be able to have a company in this plan.

First things first. In each sector of the economy, there will be five, state run and funded companies, each a different quality. Let me show you here:

We Have the economic sector, Gifts

Gifts is distributed into eight, state run companies with funding from the government. Each will be made after periods of time, from the lowest Q to the highest. The creation of eight is a long term goal, but for one term in office there would be two or three.

  • 3-Q1 Gift company
  • 2-Q2 Gift company
  • 1-Q3 Gift company
  • 1-Q4 Gift company
  • 1-Q5 Gift company

Each sector and company has the same default layout as this one, with these proposed wages:

  • Q1 Gifts - Starting at skill level 1, with a salary of 8zar, every next skill level (2,3,4,5,6,7...) gives an additional 4zar.

As workers begin to fill in the appropriate roles (workers interested in a certain skill's training may work wherever they want) changes will be suggested to change worker skill level requirements in different sectors, to influence fluidly a change of certain skilled workers from point A to B. This will only happen if it would pass the popular vote.

In this system, everyone is a worker. Everyone works, and in the end, receives far much more money than they would anywhere else in South Africa, besides the diamond industry (but who wants to give them any more money?).

With all the excess that this will produce, we will begin to export our goods, allowing South Africa to become a powerful exporter.

The view of politics

The DAS's main encompass is its adoption of the Democratic Anarchy, or Direct Democracy. This allows the people to fully control the government, allowing for a pure, true democratic system, where everyone's voice is heard who wishes to speak it.

The name may sound as though it contradicts itself, but Democratic Anarchy is a true idea. It may sound like it is a jungle of two different words, but these words co-exist in a way that should be embraced. Democratic Anarchy is a type of Direct Democracy whereas the people decide everything, not in the form of anarchy, but in the form that everyone is a 'congressman'.

How does this possibly work? A forum is created (We may be able to use the one already around) and citizens can go to it to request a change in how things work. Example: You decide that the country should raise its level 3 wage from 15 zar to 20 zar. You propose it, and if after three days of voting time it has a positive citizen vote count, the organizations around the economy will move all the wages up!

When it comes to other issues, such as taxes and things that must be done through the congress, resolutions on the forum that are passed are pushed through congress. How does this happen? Congress is put under influence control by use of exploitation and force to keep in office congressmen to vote yes and no.

This may sound very evil and harsh to do it to people who were elected by the people, but erep pretty much forces you to have congressmen, and nothing stops them from voting for themselves.

In the Democratic Anarchic world, you need no congressmen. The people decide what is good for their own views, instead of putting faith in a controversial potential liar who seems to resemble similar views. You decide what happens, the people, not congress.

Anyone may vote, and anyone may submit a proposition. A series of admins will keep record of passed and failed resolutions.

The view of the people

The DAS also strongly pushes for the representation of individualism. Every person has their own ideals, beliefs, and morals, and these should all be kept sacrosanct. Everyone has a right to freely express their views on a topic as long as it does not bash among other people's views, unless however both parties in question have agreed to allow for debate.

Congressional Non-Presidential Mandate

As this plan can only be set fourth with full country support, congressional and media outputs put forward a less extreme plan.

In congress, DAS members usually vote for plans that increase nationality, create better economic stability, and keep the nation out of all world conflicts. Strict neutralism is in order when it comes to foreign policy.

In the media, as well as all opportunities in vote, DAS congressmen will vote based on what the majority of the public want, rather than what is best for the party or the future, placing civil liberty above all else.