Democracia Plural

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Democracia Plural

Party-Democracia Plural.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation DP
Forum Official Website
Colors Green
Founded 19 April 2010
Dissolved June 2012 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Pacto Social Espanol
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian
Party logo of PROGRESO party

Democracia Plural was a political party of Spain.


The origin of the party goes back to the New World, with the creation in Spain of the Reconquista party, a party that was not very successful. Later he obtained the name PROgreso, which won the majority of standing and importance, and from where he got established between the parties Top 5 in the country. Despite the success and welfare of the party with its new name, which had given them all their importance, the leadership, headed by Martit, decided to rename the party to Democracia Plural, and leave the name as final.

The party known as Democracia Plural, founded around 880 days of the New World (19 April 2010), the same day establishing the new party's statutes.

Ideological definition

Democracia Plural is defined as a Centre Party and Liberal, becoming the only Top 5 who shares this ideology. The closest match to it, is España Joven.


Date Winner Votes %
April 2010 Martit 162 56.84%
May 2010 Manint 181 81.90%
June 2010 Juan Uranga 212 100%
July 2010 Manint 122 100%
August 2010 Safiros 132 60.27%
September 2010 Registek 87 100%
October 2010 Borjoselu 10 100%
November 2010 Opsswat 54 73.97%
December 2010 El Mitico 28 90.32%
January 2011 willas_24 61 92.42%
February 2011 Robotik 29 55.77%
March 2011 Ruidoquedito Saunders 84 56.00%