Democracia Proactiva.

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Democracia Proactiva.

Party-Democracia Proactiva.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Abbreviation DP
National rank 1
Forum Forum
Colors Blue, Orange and White
Founded May 2010
President Jeraro
Members 16
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Democracia Proactiva
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Democracia Proactiva. (DP) is the oldest political party of Venezuela, being founded on day 421 of the New World as Democracia Proactiva. It was deleted by the PTO of Venezuela in December 2009 and reappeared in May 2010, and until now it has not ceased to exist. It is a Center-Right Libertarian party.

Principles and values

In the DP, Proactivity and Solidarity are the key values. The Party believes in dialogue and exchange of ideas, freedom of expression and constructive criticism, comprehensive citizen justice, equal opportunities and democracy as a fair system for decision-making. The purpose is to listen to the people and assist in the resolution of their problems, through political and social actions framed with party convictions, to lead without exclusion and to ensure the evolution of Venezuelan society.

The Party believes that war is one more option, valid like any other, that stimulates the economy and the activity of the players, so the Party could propose, promote or support, from responsibility, any war strategy that has a specific objective, as long as it is planned.

Party Vision

Imagine Venezuela with full rights and freedoms based on respect and democracy, incorporated into the world community on equal terms, with a society for all and opportunities, that prosper and grow, respectful of political, religious, cultural and economic. This society will be agile to adapt to new realities and trends.

Party Mission

Based on principles and values, the party wishes to assist the needs of the people through participation, debate, respect for differences, consensus, balance and division of powers to achieve the vision of Venezuela.

Rules of courtesy

Members/supporters of the DP Party must agree to follow the following rules of courtesy:

  • Support and follow party principles, values, mission and vision.
  • Respect for the political adversary.
  • Debate any proposed laws before voting.
  • First propose the debate before proposing the vote.
  • Support the DP party when it requires their help.
  • Be fair.
  • Be Proactive.

Party presidents

Party president Period
James Ivy May/10 - Jun/10
Ing. Luis Jun/10 - Jul/10
ChristiamVieri Jul/10 - Aug/10
IJose Aug/10 - Sep/10
Elvis Blanco Duno Sep/10 - Oct/10
Aki De Sousa Oct/10 - Nov/10
MANUEL MORALES Nov/10 - Dec/10
Ing. Luis Dec/10 - Jan/11
Joanvonsen Jan/11 - Feb/11
Ing. Luis Feb/11 - Mar/11
Er Negro Mar/11 - Apr/11
Ing. Luis Apr/11 - May/11
Archer Garcia May/11 - Jun/11
germanpaparoni Jun/11 - Jul/11
Cynthia Romero Jul/11 - Aug/11
Telechris8 Aug/11 - Sep/11
Er Negro Sep/11 - Nov/11
telechris8 Nov/11 - Dec/11
Ing. Luis Dec/11 - Feb/12
CaudilloLombardo Feb/12 - Mar/12
Rafael Cequea Mar/12 - Apr/12
Ing. Luis Apr/12 - May/12
IJose May/12 - Jun/12
Ing. Luis Jun/12 - Aug/12
Alnitak 22 Aug/12 - Oct/12
VX450 Oct/12 - Nov/12
Er Negro Nov/12 - Dec/12
rey282000 Dec/12 - Jan/13
Ing. Luis Jan/13 - Mar/13
Alnitak 22 Mar/13 - Apr/13
Hrn90 Apr/13 - May/13
Strilker May/13 - Jun/13
Juv3ss Jun/13 - Jul/13
Alix Romanov Jul/13 - Aug/13
Ing. Luis Aug/13 - Sep/13
Don Santino. Sep/13 - Oct/13
Daniel Leonardo Berti Oct/13 - Nov/13
IJose Nov/13 - Dec/13
Roura kenshin Dec/13 - Jan/14
Maxrata II Jan/14 - Feb/14
Hrn90 Feb/14 - Mar/14
Telechris8 Mar/14 - Apr/14
Fabian Lesco May/14 - Jun/14
Hrn90 Jun/14 - Jul/14
Jesus Ventura Jul/14 - Aug/14
Alnitak 22 Aug/14 - Sep/14
Dr. Esteban Sep/14 - Oct/14
Maxrata II Oct/14 - Dec/14
Alnitak 22 Dec/14 - Feb/15
Maxrata II Feb/15 - Mar/15
MrLightningBolt Mar/15 - Apr/15
Maximo.Gladiator Apr/15 - May/15
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide May/15 - Jun/15
MrLightningBolt Jun/15 - Aug/15
Jose353 Aug/15 - Sep/15
DarthDLEPV Sep/15 - Nov/15
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Nov/15 - Dec/15
Alnitak 22 Dec/15 - Jan/16
DarthDLEPV Jan/16 - Feb/16
Alix Romanov Feb/16 - Mar/16
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Mar/16 - Apr/16
Alnitak 22 Apr/16 - May/16
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide May/16 - Jun/16
Brutarco Jun/16 - Jul/16
Alnitak 22 Jul/16 - Aug/16
Brutarco Aug/16 - Sep/16
jhon3101 Sep/16 - Oct/16
xXxJuan.05xXx Oct/16 - Nov/16
DarthDLEPV Nov/16 - Dec/16
xXxJuan.05xXx Dec/16 - Jan/17
Alnitak 22 Jan/17 - Feb/17
Brutarco Feb/17 - Mar/17
xXxJuan.05xXx Mar/17 - Apr/17
DarthDLEPV Apr/17 - May/17
xXxJuan.05xXx May/17 - Jun/17
TheduxSs Jun/17 - Jul/17
ejac21 Jul/17 - Aug/17
Agapantore Aug/17 - Nov/17
Jesus Ventura Nov/17 - Dec/17
DarthDLEPV Dec/17 - Jan/18
xXxJuan.05xXx Jan/18 - Feb/18
Albafika De Piscis Feb/18 - Apr/18
xXxJuan.05xXx Apr/18 - Jun/18
DarthDLEPV Jun/18 - Aug/18
Alnitak 22 Aug/18 - Sep/18
hectormaita Sep/18 - Oct/18
DarthDLEPV Oct/18 - Dec/18
Alnitak 22 Dec/18 - Jan/19
Albafika De Piscis Jan/19 - Feb/19
DarthDLEPV Feb/19 - Mar/19
Albafika De Piscis Mar/19 - Apr/19
GUASON99 Apr/19 - Jul/19
Alnitak 22 Jul/19 - Aug/19
Agapantore Aug/19 - Oct/19
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Oct/19 - Dec/19
GUASON99 Dec/19 - Jan/20
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Jan/20 - Dec/20
Hector Malave Dec/20 - Jan/21
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Jan/21 - Feb/21
Alnitak 22 Feb/21 - Jul/21
portaestandarte Jul/21 - Aug/21
Er Negro Aug/21 - Sep/21
Darth Leo Sep/21 - Jan/22
Jesus Rafael Rosas Olavide Jan/22 - Feb/22
Darth Leo Feb/22 - Mar/22
Jeraro Mar/22 - May/22
Darth Leo May/22 - Aug/22
Jesus Ventura Aug/22 - Sep/22
MrLightningBolt Sep/22 - Oct/22
Jeraro Oct/22 - Feb/23
Dezconocido Feb/23 - Mar/23
Jesus Ventura Mar/23 - Apr/23
Jeraro Apr/23 - Present

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