Democratic Party (India)

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Democratic Party

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General Information
Country Flag-India.jpg India
Abbreviation DP
Forum Democratic Party
Colors Blue
Founded June 2013
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Democratic Party was co-founded in June 2013 by Real Steel 4, Forter, Anish Jain, Nikhil Jaiswal and TheFlyingDorito. First president was Forter.

Party presidents

This is the list of known party presidents:

Party rules

1.1 Party president will be chosen by DP Parliament.

1.2 DP Parliament will be established soon as possible.

1.3 The Party operates under an Equal Opportunities policy - everyone has the right to stand for whatever they wish to stand for as long as they realise that the democratic wishes of the party come first.

1.4 The Party has a policy of Honesty and Integrity - There will be no multis, BS, lying, untruths, half truths, white lies and distortions of facts. No-one should be afraid of the truth. Without honesty there is no trust.

1.5 The Party will encourage people to have Fun - the party is nothing without its members, and the members should be able to enjoy their membership of the party and the Party will encourage people to interact through the use of IRC and the forums.

1.6 Government has a fundamental obligation to safeguard our national security through times of war and other threats, defending our security when even the survival of our democratic nation is at risk. India tends to always face grave security threats involving political take-over or the loss of our regions. These threats must be confronted without resort to the manipulation of fear and political exploitation.

1.7 Party is committed to strengthening the economy through nation-building public investments that can lift long-term productivity and growth.

1.8 Vote buying is not allowed, and any congress member whom is found to have bought votes will not be recognized by the DP and will lose forum rights.

1.9 Party will award our members,because we want to increase activity of our party and our country.

2.0 Party official website is

2.1 There will be no foul language in the forums or messages. Any member of the Party who is to use any slur or any kind against another member will be immediately kicked out of the party. His forum profile will be deleted.

2.2 All General Managers have a right to earn a profit; however, they also have a responsibility to offer fair prices.