Democratic Party (USA)

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Democratic Party

Party-Democratic Party (USA).jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation DP
Forum Democratic Forums
Colors Blue
Founded One of the first parties
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Democratic Party was one of the largest and oldest parties in the United States of America.

History of the Democratic Party

The Beta Years

The Democratic Party was once one of the largest American parties in the Beta version. Uncle Sam and Benn Dover were included among its members at one point, eventually running for the Party president against each other, with Benn winning.

V1 Resurrection and Decline

In August of 2009, Harrison Richardson and ExoM7 revived the Democratic Party under the principle of a party solely devoted to the promotion and implementation of policies based on Game Mechanics, not role playing. For this reason, the Democratic Party received its official nickname, "The Game Mechanics Party". The party's numbers exploded and it reached the #7 party spot before seeing a stagnation in membership. The departure of Harrison Richardson as well as the decline of the Game Mechanics movement in America led to the decision by party elders to dissolve the party. The shell was later PTO'd and the gold in the account was used for advertising. At its height, the Game Mechanics Party held 2 seats in Congress, represented by Jimmy Olsen and Vincenzo Macenza, with a third race losing by a margin of a few votes.

Party Ideals

The Democratic Party is one that, overwhelmingly, places GAME MECHANICS above all else. Game Mechanics trump politics, personal gain, and self-interest.


The Democratic Party believes in the rights of the people. The rights of the people are not to be infringed except in cases of extreme distress and/or anarchy. Suppressing the rights of the people in the name of national interest (in coherence with game mechanics) is an acceptable form of social policy. If the nation deems that a national primary system is the best way to execute elections, the citizens should oblige for the well-being of the nation (such a program would free up votes to prevent or stage a Political Takeover).


The Democrats believe in efficiency at all levels of the government. We believe in nationalized weapons companies, nationalized hospital companies, nationalized defense system companies, and nationalized iron companies. The weight of the free market should always be upheld and cherished, but only to the point where it does not hinder the progress of the government and the nation. In times of need, in coherence with game mechanics, the government should intervene in the market to correct it. The government is a machine of profit to create a surplus to fund necessary military expenditures. State-owned for-profit companies are always acceptable so long as the companies make a profit and do not unfairly use the influence of the government to lower operating costs and push private businesses out of the market. The government should exercise the use of taxes to gain the maximum amount of profit attainable without exceeding a rate of 35% of income taxed. The specific tax rate should be backed up as, proportionally, attaining maximum profit per percentage taxed.


The Democratic Party believes in a "speak loudly and carry a big stick" ideal. The United States should be a world power and will act when necessary to uphold the right of self determination. The largest chunk of federal revenue should go to the military; the ideal percentage is above 85%. The military should actively free oppressed nations and protect them for the sake of gaining new allies in downtrodden regions. When necessary, the United States should engage in an aggressive war to attain new resources for the well-being of the nation, so long as the war is provoked via earlier battles or current circumstances. The military shouldn't exist to take all new recruits; it should be a program that turns down applicants if they aren't ready. The military does not need to be all-inclusive, and people should be turned away from the Armed Forces if they will not represent the best use of taxpayer money. The ideal management of the military is to get the best damage per dollar spent, meaning tanking should be kept to a limit and the distribution of weapons en masse should be a priority.


The United States shouldn't intervene in the foreign politics of neutral nations. The United States should, however, engage in propaganda, disinformation, and political takeovers of enemy nations. The State Department should keep a regular list of all enemy and neutral, as well as allied, nations. The government should take an active stance in the international political scene, clearly identifying with an alliance or as a neutral. The United States should coordinate with allied nations to trick, inform, and otherwise "flip" enemy nations. The neutrality of a nation should always be upheld. Furthermore, the United States should take a more active stance in the international political scene and become more engaged with smaller nations in key regions. Events such as world-wide conferences should be more commonplace and communication should be frequent between the United States and all nations not identified as "enemy".