Democratisch Nederland

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Democratisch Nederland

Party-Democratisch Nederland v6.png
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation DemNL
Colors Orange, white and blue
Founded Day 1,092
November 17, 2010
President Janty F
Vice President Shawtyl0w
Secretary General djirtsdew
Councillor Mark Decius
Spokesman Willem The Conqueror
Members 19
Congress Occupancy 7/20 seats, 35%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Democratisch Nederland, anglicized as Democratic Netherlands, is a political party in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. Founded on November 17, 2010, it has consistently been one of the largest and most influential parties of the country. It describes itself as a party of democracy, freedom, transparency and responsibility, where everyone is important and nothing is taboo.



Democratisch Nederland was originally founded in the Netherlands on Day 1,092 of the New World. The following citizens were involved in the party's original founding:

Most of the founders came from the Libertarian Social Democrats, whereas Dennis Baks was a former member of Iron & Wine. The party ceased to exist after a succesful PTO in December 2010, followed shortly after by the conquest of the Netherlands by Poland.


Because of various successful PTO's carried out by a Croatian feminist group, all Dutch parties united in the Verenigd Nederland political party in December 2011. This one party system eventually came to an end due to disagreements over the April 2011 Presidential elections. Verenigd Nederland was subsequently sold by public auction. On April 8, 2011, it was bought by a group of former DemNL members and rechristened as Democratisch Nederland. The following citizens were involved in the party's refounding:


Since its re-establishment, Democratisch Nederland has become a force to be reckoned with in the Dutch political landscape. It has been the largest party in the country for a long time, being the second largest behind The Dutch Progressives for a few months in the beginning of 2012.

Since December 2010 (former) party members Andreas Isaksson, Daniel Parker, ArtemIvanov, ElGorro, Joep O, Mattio, Kimberly McCullouch, RikW, Shawtyl0w, MaartenW, Willem The Conqueror, Spir Tus, Gwom, Jordic69, Henry Ackermann, Arcanic Mindje and flo rida20 have been elected as President of the Netherlands on a Democratisch Nederland ticket.

Party Presidents - History

Congress Elections Results - History

Throughout its history, Democratisch Nederland has used several logos, all but one of which were designed by Viglius.

First logo, which was only used in the first weeks after the foundation of DemNL
Second logo, designed by Betha, used for the first period of the party's existence
After re-establishment, the logo was changed, replacing the lion with a stylized windmill
Simplified version of the previous logo, used since February 2012, removing the colour red
Current logo, combining elements from all previous logos, in use since January 2013


Within Democratisch Nederland, members use the DemNL forum and the Telegram chat to stay in touch with each other.

eNetherlands Forum:



Server: Please contact the leadership of the party for getting access to the Telegram channel

Party leadership also releases news connected to the Party in their personal newspapers.


The manifesto of Democratisch Nederland was laid down in the party program for the April 2011 Congress elections.

Democratisch Nederland is a party with an open mind on all fronts. Nothing is taboo, everything can be discussed in an open and respectful manner. Nevertheless, DemNL has some core values, which have their effect on its positions. Freedom, transparency and responsibility are considered of paramount importance. We also stand for the right to self-fulfillment, and we will safeguard the options for this and expand them where possible. The state serves the citizen, not vice versa.

As the name Democratic Netherlands suggests, democracy is an important achievement for us. Every vote counts, and it makes no difference if it is from a youngling or a veteran. Anyone can contribute. Our party attaches more importance to ideas than to individuals or personalities. It will be determined in the political arena which ideas work best for our society.

Democratic Netherlands is not confined to a political movement nor is the party bound by unassailable dogmas. We think of ourselves as pragmatic, and we will renounce names which imply something else, no matter whether they are tacitly assumed or loudly voiced.

Party Program

Democratisch Nederland wants to be a party for all citizens in eNetherlands. Our focus is in freedom, transparency, responsibility and respect. Democratisch Nederland thinks it's important to work together, with members with different experience levels. We can all learn from each other. Every opinion will be heard. Democratisch Nederland will fight for a strong economy and stable policy, to ensure the citizens of eNetherlands to live and work optimally.

Some facts:

  • Most of the current Law Book is written by members of Democratisch Nederland
  • Since the founding of Democratisch Nederland in November 2010, there was only one government without members of Democratisch Nederland.
  • Since the founding of Democratisch Nederland in November 2010, there has been no Congress without members of Democratisch Nederland.
  • Several different members served as President of our country. Some of them even multiple times.
  • Seven different members are decorated with a medal in the Order of Oranje-Nassau for different reasons for contributing to the Dutch community.

Democratisch Nederland will focus primary on the points below:

  • Guarding the Democracy in the Netherlands
  • Check on the legality of the acts of both Congress and Government
  • Check the government for meaningful policies
  • Organize Fun Events
  • Involve the people more in decisions of the Government