Department of Culture (Philippines)

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Department of Culture
Kagawaran ng Kultura
Department of Culture (Philippines).png
Formation 7 July 2009
Dissolution 5 December 2013
Headquarters Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

The Department of Culture (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Kultura), abbreviated as DoC, was an executive department of the Philippine government responsible for promoting Philippine culture and art, and maintaining activity in the country.

Various presidents have renamed the department throughout its history: Department of Fun (DOFUN), Ministry of Merriment (MOM), Ministry of Culture (MOC), Ministry of Merriment, Arts, and Culture (MOMAC), Ministry of Entertainment (MOE), Ministry of Culture and Arts (MCA), and Ministry of Culture and Education (MOCE).


The Ministry of Merriment is started by President HazzN on Day 595 under the name Department of Fun. It begun at the same time as the Department of Education.[1] In February 2012, DrummerMike was designated as the Minister of Media. He was again minister in March 2012. [2] In May 2012, the position was created again but named as the Ministry of Entertainment. It was held by John Jurassic during that month. [3] When DrummerMike held the position again in June 2012, he used it again as the Ministry of Media and Drums. John Jurassic used it as the Ministry of Propaganda in July 2012. [4] After his term, the ministry was once again inactive for months.

On January 2013, Boy Pick Up revived the ministry through the Ministry of Culture, merging the Education Department to it. President kb1992 let him to continue his work in the Ministry of Culture but as separated from the Education Department on February 2013. President kmm225 appointed him as the Minister of Education, but again Boy Pick Up merged the ministries. [5] On Day 2055 (July 6, 2013), President Al Raposas reestablished the functions of the ministry and renamed it Ministry of Culture and Arts, with the intent of Philippine and foreign citizens alike appreciating what the Philippines can offer. It is made a separate ministry from the Ministry of Education. After Raposas' term, Boy Pick Up was re-appointed as Minister of Education, but he merged the two ministries to form the Ministry of Culture and Education once again. [6]

List of staff


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