Department of Defense (Philippines)

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Department of Defense
Kagawaran ng Tanggulan
Department of Defense (Philippines).png
Formation 6 April 2009
Headquarters Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City
Minister Queenn of War
Vice Minister Vacant

The Department of Defense (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Tanggulang Pambansa, abbreviated DoD), sometimes Ministry of Defense (MoD) or Armed Forces Committee (AFC), is an executive department of the Philippine government that is responsible for the Filipino Army, facilitated by the Minister of Defense under the command of the President.


The Department of Defense is founded by President Big Boy Bulley on Day 503 along with the Department of Finance, Department of Home Affairs and Department of Foreign Affairs.

List of Staff

Creation and Application of PUMA

The Philippine United Military Assembly (Filipino: Kapulungan ng Nagkaisang Militar ng Pilipinas, abbreviated PUMA) is a joint council of all Military Units currently situated within the Philippines whose main purpose is to coordinate the country's military strength when needed. Each MU will have a representative in the assembly, preferably its commander, along with the country's president. Also, the Chinese MU SET-JB has a representative in the assembly because it is composed of Filipinos and Malaysians residing in China.

PUMA was first proposed to be formed by Berritas on Day 1322 through an article of his and again on Day 1417 through a topic in the forum when he was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. When it was proposed, it was supposed to replace the Department of Defense but not everyone agreed so some presidents still have Defense Directors and Deputies, who are then also part of the assembly. During the Ministership of Al Raposas, the responsibilities of PUMA were revived but the name PUMA was never used, instead, the government stood by the Ministry of Defense. [1][2]


  • Relay information quickly and efficiently among the national army and militias
  • Discuss tactical and strategical movement regarding the nation's military
  • Create a network of supply between the army and militia

Philippine Defense Assembly

National Units
Philippine Special Forces.jpg
Philippine Special Forces
Private Units
RT.jpg Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino.jpg International Brigades.jpg Junji Battalion.jpg MvG Royal Army.jpg Philippine Eagle.jpg Philippine Military Academy.jpg PINOY MOBSTERS.jpg
Ejercito C y B Filipino Hukbo ng Makabayang Pilipino International Brigades Junji Battalion MvG Royal Army Philippine Eagle Philippine Military Academy Pinoy Mobster

Camp Casimiro Raposas

Filipinos raising the Philippine flag at Scarborough Shoal, an island under the jurisdiction of Camp Casimiro Raposas.

On Day 1891 (January 23, 2013), in celebration of the 114th Real Life (RL) anniversary of the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic (alternately known as the Malolos Republic), the Ministry of Defense, with its minister, Al Raposas, opened Camp Casimiro Raposas. It is an island base in the Municipality of Kalayaan in Palawan, and it is dedicated to the Monarchy of the Philippines. [3]

Other camps established

On Day 1884 (January 16, 2013), Minister Al Raposas suggested the creation of other camps other than Camp Aguinaldo, which had served for a long time as the Ministry's building, to boost the morale of the Filipino armed forces. It was finally inaugurated on Day 1910 (February 11, 2013), coincident with the fourth anniversary of the founding of the Philippines in the New World. [4]


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